? Baby Squirrel with Peanut
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Baby Squirrel with Peanut

baby squirrel

09.20.2005 - Squirrels are cute for about three days.  Seriously.  That's how quickly they grow up.  They are born ugly, hairless, sealed-eyes little things.  Not pleasant to look at.  Then they start to sprout fur and such, and they still look like pitiful little hair transplant victim rats.  Then you blink your eyes, and they look like adult squirrels.  They really grow quickly.  In the process, there is about a three-day span during which they look like the above photo.  Awww.... cute!!!!  Super cute!!!

I happened to remove a few squirrels in this cute stage today.  They were in an attic of a home, in a squirrel nest, as usual.  I'm pretty sure that this squirrel was about 26 days old.  It's too small to fend for itself, so after this photograph, I brought it and its bothers and sisters to a wildlife rehabilitator who takes care of baby squrirels and raises them until they are fit to live on their own.  Oh, and a squirrel this size would not in fact eat a peanut.  It's not yet fully weaned from its mother's milk.

Remember, if you hear a squirrel in your attic, there's probably a nest of these cute little guys up there, and they can't fend for themselves or go outside to get caught in traps.  So you must be sure that you or the wildlife control operator that you hire properly removes the nest of baby squirrels, or they will starve and die and then cause an odor problem.  You wouldn't want that of such a cute little squirrel, would you?

The Eastern Gray Squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis), is one of the most widespread nuisance animals in the country. It lives throughout most of the United States. It is arboreal (likes to live in trees), but just as commonly atticeal (likes to live in attics). It's a member of the rodent family, and is prone to chewing and gnawing. Squirrels are active during the daytime, particularly morning and evening. They are active year-round. They give birth to two litters of young per year, in late summer and late winter, commonly inside buildings they've chewed into. They are very agile and great climbers, and are active animals. They are cute, but often destructive, especially when they enter an attic.

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