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Gordon Butler the Mummified Bat

11.12.2006 - Look at this fine looking fellow. It's a mummified bat. I've named him Gordon Marion Butler III for unspecified reasons. It was quite the delight to see this sight at night, when I shone my bright light just right, it looks like it might take flight and bite. Oh, Gordon, you zany mummified bat. If anything, this specimen proves one thing - no, not that bats, Gordon in particular, are handsome, but that they can really cling to stuff. I mean, if you expire and you're still hanging on for dear life, ur death, then you've got a good grip on things. Bats are downright sticky.

I guess there's not a whole lot else to say. I showed up at this commercial bat job in Windermere, FL and found this old dead bat hanging around the scene. The other bats didn't even have the good decency to give him a proper funeral. Still, I'm glad to see a bat die a natural death. Old Gordon here was probably a good ten years old when he died, and he died on his own terms - on display for me to see when I came to remove his buddies. So if you need bat control or removal in Windermere FL or anywhere else, or need a spooky image to liven up your next nightmare, I'm at your service. Worst blog post ever.

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