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Bat Poop - Droppings & Waste in an Attic

bat poop

08.15.2007 - The biggest problem with a colony of bats living in the attic is that they poop a lot.  If the group of bats is very large, the waste can really build up.  Some colonies of bats are over 1000 members in number.  Each bat makes about 6-8 bat turds per day.  They live in the attic year-round.  That means a lot of bat crap.  In the above photo, a small group of 40 bats were living in an attic.  They roosted across the length of the attic ridge, but most of the bats roosted in one area.  Below that lay a pile of bat droppings, or guano, as seen in the above photo.  This is a relatively mild case.  I once worked in an attic where every square inch of the attic was filled with droppings at least a foot deep!  That attic had 3000 bats, that had lived there for a long time.  The ceiling was cracking under the weight of all that guano.

The problems with bat droppings, or any animal droppings, for that matter in an attic is fourfold.  First of all, the droppings tend to grow fungus or mold over time.  This mold can often release airborne spores that the people inside the home can breathe, leading to lung infections such as histoplasmosis. 

The second problem with droppings in the attic is that the scent can actually attract new wildlife into your home.  Whether it's the same species looking for a mate, or to beat the competition, or is simply drawn to a proven bat home, they will be drawn in.  Some animal droppings and urine actually contain pheromones meant to attract more animals.  Droppings can also attract predators. 

The third problem is that the droppings are often laced with diseases that humans can catch. For more information, click animal poop diseases

The fourth problem is that the droppings may make your home smell bad. This is actually the main thing some people notice in very bad cases. However, this is a lesser concern, because it's only a smell. You may want attic decontamination or even animal insulation replacement if you have animal waste in the attic, especially bat poop.

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