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City Raccoon - Urban Raccoon Control

02.18.2006 - Cities are chock-full of raccoons.  It's this way not only down here in Florida, but all over the country.  Raccoons have become urbanized city dwellers.  They used to stay only in the undeveloped forests.  But raccoons are intelligent and adaptable animals, and they have learned that cities make a great place to live.  There's plenty of tasty garbage and pet food to eat, not to mention that handouts that some people insist on giving them (a dumb thing to do, and ultimately unkind to animals).  And there's also lots of great places to live that are far better than trees.  From under sheds to inside attics, human structures tend to make great places to live.

The raccoon in this photograph was right at home living in an apartment building.  Raccoons in many areas have simply lost their fear of people.  They are very strong and can defend themselves, even against big dogs, and there's just no hunters or fur trappers round yon parts any more, so raccoons now stroll the city streets with impunity.  The one in this apartment wasn't afraid of people.  However, people were afraid of it.  They could have been attacked at any time - not likely - but the apartment complex didn't want to take a chance.  And people were afraid that it had rabies.  It didn't but people are often misinformed about wildlife.

Thus, we were called to capture it and relocate it far away.  Pictured in the photograph is my apprentice Ben, who grabbed the raccoon with his snare pole.  It took a little effort to catch, but it was easier than catching a purely wild forest raccoon on the run, that's for sure.  We put it in a transfer cage and drove it to a non-developed wildlife preserve twenty miles outside of the city.  Now I guess this city coon has to learn to live in the wild!

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