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Critter Trapper Education

03.11.2006 - I was playing darts over Christmas with my new brother-in-law Sean, when he started asking me about my career as a nuisance wildlife removal specialist.  It told him that it was by far the best job I've ever had, and that I look forward to each day.  Sean was doing a boring manager's job at the time, and when I described to him the trapping in attics and wrassling with snakes, that's all he needed to hear, and he asked if he could sign on and train with me, so that he could start his own business in his home town of Seattle.  I told him sure, come on down to Sunny Florida and train with me.  So now here he is.

Sean has taken to this job like a squirrel to an attic.  He's right at home.  Whether it's climbing on a steep roof or crawling through a hot attic, Sean has what it takes.  He's great with customers, he's very responsible and a safe driver, and he's got a real knack for construction.  Even the critters seem to like him, such as this 11-week-old raccoon here!  Sean just had to call to it, and it came running out of the attic right to his hand!  Now there's someone who's fit for the job!

I'm pleased to have Sean working with me.  He makes my day go by a lot more smoothly, and he's fun to have around.  He's a big help, and he learns very quickly, probably more due to his amazing powers of observation than my trapper education skills.  I'm sure that when it's his time to start his own company in Seattle, he'll do great.

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