Dead Dog Under a House - How to Kill a PitBull


09.21.2004 - I was called out regarding a bad smell under this house - a dental lab, to be exact, where they make dentures and such. I arrived and asked the usual questions, such as, "When did you first detect the odor?", and "What part of the house smells worst?", and "Do you think you can give me a good deal on porcelean crowns?".

The lab tech motioned to the southeast part of the house, and said that he thought it was a dead opossum. He seemed distracted and intent on clearing up his supplies. I started to get ready, with my Tyvek suit and gloves and HEPA mask and headlamp and such, and he was in a real rush. I started my investigation of the perimeter of the building, and he was at his car. I looked underneath, and in the northwest part of the house I spotted a large dead dog in an advanced state of decay. "Hey mister!" I started to yell, "I think you've got a dead dog under..." but he was speeding off.

I surmised that he did not want to admit that he'd killed a pit-bull with antifreeze and it happened to die under his building. I found out, after talking to his lab assistant, that this is what happened. A mean and dangerous pitbull had been wandering the area and often living under the building. Instead of calling out the local Orange County Florida Animal Services to remove the dangerous dog, he took matters into his own hands and left a large dish of antifreeze (which has a sweet taste) under the house. The dog ate it. The dog died.

I came. I saw. I removed dead dog butt. In most cases, finding the dead animal is the hard part, and removing it is easy. In this case, finding it was no problem, but removing it was a pain in the ass. The thing weighed about ninety pounds. I'll spare you the gory details, but share you the gory photos. I removed the dog and triple bagged it in heavy duty drum liners, and called Orange County Animal Control to come and get rid of the carcass. Don't feed antifreeze to animals.

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As a homeowner, you would find yourself to be subjected to wild animal control problems more than you would like to admit. Whether it is the smell that gives it away, or other animals leading you to the carcass, you might have seen your fair share of the bodies of dead animals in your close vicinity. The animals that get stuck under the house always vary from one another. A rarer kind of animal, however, that you may find under the house is a dead dog, or more specifically a Pitbull. Though as uncommon as it may seem, it still happens and is yet to be completely redundant which is why we are here to help you.

Ways to remove a Pitbull from under a house:

First, Pitbulls have a dangerous reputation. Their breed is notoriously known for attacking humans, children, and smaller breeds of dogs unprompted and in some severe cases, may result in death. It is prudent to not only know all the safety measures but also how to take care of yourself in these situations. You can get rid of the dog by doing it in a humane way that will not be as painful for the dog. When it especially becomes necessary, make sure to never kill a dog using anti-freeze. Poisonous to dogs, it would be much easier for both parties if a professional was called on-site to take care of the situation. If a dog was stuck under a house, there is a chance that he might die from natural causes like suffocation. Either way, it should be absolutely assured that instead of taking the situation in your own hands, you should be ready to call in animal control. Not only will the dead carcass be near impossible for you to lift on your own without any professional help, but you will also be extremely bothered and overwhelmed by the smell.

The space under your house may not be as big as you think it is but it can trap many wild animals like possums, raccoons, dogs, cats, etc. If you ever find yourself having a dog under the house, and a Pitbull at that, the first step is to find whether it is alive or not. If it is alive and you feel that your security is threatened, a call to the animal control department should take care of the pressing matter. However, if the dog is dead, it will inevitably lead other animals to flock to your area, and prove to be a real nuisance for you. Therefore, proper measures ought to be taken for the removal.

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