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Eastern Mole Control

Eastern Mole

06.06.2004 - The Eastern Mole (Scalopus aquaticus) is common throughout most of the eastern United States, from Canada all through Florida. This little critter only grows to about 6.5 inches in total length, and 3 oz. in weight. It has no ears or eyes, as you can see in the above photo, but it may be able to detect light. Moles, of course, live underground, where they dig a network of tunnels. They burrow through the soil in search of earthworms and grubs, and they can dig very quickly. They are very energetic, and they eat a lot, about half of their body weight each day. They are territorial, and probably don't live much longer than two years in the wild.

I caught the above mole at a customer's house. Her yard was filled with raised tunnels and mole hills, and she didn't want any more lawn destruction. Because moles are territorial, the removal of just one mole from an average sized yard usually stops the digging. I set Victor mole traps at several of the key surface tunnels, and caught the mole within three days. The trick is to set the trap in tunnels that are actively used. Moles sometimes dig tunnels that they use only once, for feeding. However, other tunnels are used repeatedly for travel between different feeding areas or burrows. These tunnels tend to be longer and straighter. Also, tunnels positioned along barriers, such as the edge of a house, tend to be used repeatedly, and are good bets. Mole control, like many types of wildlife control, is not easy, and people with experience will of course have the highest success rate. I do now regret stating that "AAAnimal Control will roll that moll out of its hole", because it's more of a tunnel, not a hole, and it's more of a trapping than a rolling. But I wrote it, and so now there's nothing I can do. People call me and demand that I roll their moles out of their holes, and I must comply.

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