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Orlando Florida Snake Charmer

03.20.2004 - Here is a fine photo of one of my favorite snakes, the Corn Snake. This is a fairly small specimen, but it's just as pretty as any of them.  It's got beautiful auburn scales with orange spots, lined in black.  The belly has a black and white keyboard pattern, which ye people of olde likened to maize, and that's how this snake got its name.  I sometimes like to play with the snakes I catch, and so I used my expert snake charmer techniques on this snake.  I twirl and wiggle my finger in a certain way, and the snake watches, mesmerized.  I bring the finger closer, closer, and the snake coils up upon itself, watching the finger.  Soon, the snake is in the above pose.  It works every time.

Trapper David* the snake charmer
Charming the Florida snakes
He doesn't have to wear snake armor
He never makes mistakes
No snake would ever dare strike him
They all are quite surprised
They know that they somehow like him
And find themselves mesmerized
With a whirl and twirl of his finger
And a knowing wink of his eye
All serpents choose to linger
And let the time pass by
Slowly they rock from side to side
As if they've been put asleep
He's taken them on a charming ride
Both hypnotic and deep
No need for traps or snake bags
It's easy to disarm them
Trapper David makes brags
About how he simply charms them

*Trapper David doesn't necessarily refer to me, it could be any one of a number of trapper Davids who catch snakes in the Orlando area, or else I would have written this poem in the first person, you see.

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