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11.17.2004 - This was certainly one of my more unusual jobs. A lady called me, stating that her swimming pool was full of frogs, and she asked me if I could remove them. Although this was uncharted territory for me, the fact is that many of my jobs are actually uncharted territory, and this didn't sound terribly difficult. I figured that I'd show up, and by hook or by crook, I'd catch those frogs and save the day.

So we scheduled a time and I showed up, but I soon realized that I needed neither hook nor crook, but rather a net. I had some nets, but the size of the pool made the skimmer a fairly handy tool for catching the roving croakers. The lady had carefully observed the frogs over the past few days. She believed that there were 34 frogs in the pool. I found the hole in her screen that allowed them to get in, and I patched it shut. I don't know why they had selected this pool for a mass migration, but there they were, and the lady didn't want them.

I set about catching them, like this: Some I grabbed by hand, some I got with the net. Some I caught on land, and some I caught were wet. Some of the frogs were hopping, some of them were swimming. But I was not stopping and shortly I was winning. They were in the pool no more; the frogs were in my bucket. I could not find all 34, so I just said screw it. But then the lady said, "Check the filter" and I found another three. This brought my total to 36, and so I said, "pay me". The lady said, "A dollar a frog", but I said, "Make it two". So she gave me 68 smackers and then I bid adieu. The end.

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Here's an email exchange about a frog issue:

Hello, I'm hoping you can give me some advice on this situation. We just moved into a home that has a small waterfall pond. We have a married couple that has complained twice about a croaking frog in the pond. The frog isn't ours, however, when the couple asked us (two times now) if they could have them disposed of or removed, we said "absolutely not because they are a part of nature & we love nature". Frogs don't croak continuously & I believe they only do this when they're mating. We have no problem with it, nor do any of the other neighbors, do you have any advice on this situation? Are frogs protected in any way? The way this neighbor sounded when she left last night was like they were going to have something done, period. She even asked if we could "bring the frog into our house so it wouldn't disturb their sleep"............... Thanks for any help you can give & have a great day! Monika

(ME) Interesting! It sounds like the neighbor is very distressed. Some people are picky about sleep. I personally like frogs and like having them around, and I even like their croaking. But if I were bothering a neighbor's sleep, I would catch the frog and relocate it to another pond. Or I'd ask the neighbor to do so, since they're the one with the complaint. I know that your neighbors sound picky and fussy, but I've dealt with noise problems before (a neighbor's barking dog) and it frustrated me very much for a long time. A good night's sleep is important!

We like the frog(s) & don't really find it necessary to relocate it since it's only one set of neighbors with the problem. The thing is, we have a large creek that extends the back of our houses & all the way down to the next road, so even if the frog was relocated, I would assume others would take it's place?...Then that would be a never-ending saga of relocating frogs. A barking dog is a completely different story, as that is someone's pet, but this is nature & I like to leave things as they are unless they're trying to come into our home, etc. Thanks for your response & suggestion, I appreciate it. Have a great day! Monika

(ME) Well then, leave the frog be.

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