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Infant Squirrels

infant squirrels

01.19.2005 - This was a very interesting job.  A squirrel was entering and creating a mess in an antique store.  It was running all through the shelves, knocking things over, and it broke several expensive glass pieces.  The store owner was very upset!  He called me to trap and remove this squirrel.  I came to the store and the building had all sorts of flaws.  It was easy for animals to get in by many places, such as a wide gap around the perimeter of the ceiling.  It would be impossible to seal off all the squirrel entry points without major renovations.  The owner simply wanted the squirrel gone.

The squirrel wasn't inside when I came to the store.  It must have been outside foraging.  I set some traps up on the shelves that the squirrel was running on, and baited with both peanut butter and orange slices, which I find squirrels tend to like indoors.  Sure enough, I caught it within only a few hours.  I noticed then, that the female squirrel had lactating nipples.  I knew then that it was a mother squirrel, and it must have had a nest of baby squirrels inside the store somewhere!  No wonder it was constantly running about inside the store!

I set off looking for a nest of baby squirrels - inside old ming vases, antique phonographs, the cushions f of an old couch from the 1920s.  Then I saw it - a little treasure chest up on the shelves.  I peeked inside, and there I found exquisite treasure - three pink, baby squirrels.  The mother squirrel had gathered insulation from the attic and carried it down to the little treasure chest and made a nest there!  How darling!  I took the above photo of the baby squirrels, which are probably only a few days old, and brought them to a wildlife rehabber to raise them in a more conventional container.  The antique store owner promptly lowered the price of the treasure chest by 20% since it was used.

The Eastern Gray Squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis), is one of the most widespread nuisance animals in the country. It lives throughout most of the United States. It is arboreal (likes to live in trees), but just as commonly atticeal (likes to live in attics). It's a member of the rodent family, and is prone to chewing and gnawing. Squirrels are active during the daytime, particularly morning and evening. They are active year-round. They give birth to two litters of young per year, in late summer and late winter, commonly inside buildings they've chewed into. They are very agile and great climbers, and are active animals. They are cute, but often destructive, especially when they enter an attic.

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