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Pet Squirrels in my Pockets

04.05.2004 - Two darling baby squirrels.  I removed them from a squirrel nest in an attic, along with the mother squirrel.  It's a bit late in the season for squirrels this young, but one can't always count on Mother Nature to deliver on schedule.  One can count on Mother David to deliver a fine resting place for baby critters - in my pockets!  I will name them Scroungy and Scritchy.  They are very cute, nestled up in my pockets and fondling my nipples.  I think I'll keep them as pets forever.

On second though, no I won't.  Squirrels aren't meant to be pets.  Yes, they can be cute, and they are very agile and talented, but they are wild animals, and just not meant to be kept for fun.  These little squirrels will just stay in my pockets long enough for some photos, then it's off to the wildlife rehabber.

She will keep the squirrels until they are large enough to fend for themselves.  But they won't be pets.  They will stay in an enclosure with good habitat for them to thrive in.  At first, they will receive kitty formula, and when they are weaned, they will eat a special squirrel feed consisting of grains and nuts.  When they are ten weeks old, they will be adult size, and the rehabber will release them into the wild.  She will not keep them as pets and give them cute little hats and walk them on a leash.  Though I think she might stick to the names Scroungy and Scritchy.

The Eastern Gray Squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis), is one of the most widespread nuisance animals in the country. It lives throughout most of the United States. It is arboreal (likes to live in trees), but just as commonly atticeal (likes to live in attics). It's a member of the rodent family, and is prone to chewing and gnawing. Squirrels are active during the daytime, particularly morning and evening. They are active year-round. They give birth to two litters of young per year, in late summer and late winter, commonly inside buildings they've chewed into. They are very agile and great climbers, and are active animals. They are cute, but often destructive, especially when they enter an attic.

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