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09.03.2006 - This is a typical example of a pigeon problem at an urban building. In this case, it was an auto repair shop in Orlando. I have split the photo into two parts - on the top is the area where the pigeons roost on steel beams below a metal roof. Below is the ground that is covered with pigeon droppings. The owners of the auto store clean the droppings often, but the birds keep making a fresh mess all the time. Pigeons are a common problem bird in Florida. Specifically, the urban pigeons that cause these problems are often called Feral Pigeons or Rock Pigeons, or even Rock Doves. Though Florida and many parts of the US have several species of pigeon, this is the city pigeon that causes problems with roosting and pooping.

How could the auto repair shop solve this Florida pigeon problem? They called me out to investigate. The entire structure, a large one building, had open sides and steel beams under the metal roof. Basically, the whole building was one big roosting area with open access. I gave them three options:

1) Spikes: I proposed to install bird spikes on all of the beams to prevent the pigeons from landing and roosting.

2) Netting: I proposed to install bird netting below all of the beams to prevent access to the roosting areas.

3) Trapping: I proposed the temporary solution of trapping and removing birds to lessen the amount of bird pressure on the buildings, with trapping done on a periodic basis.

The store did not accept any of these options, due to the high expense of pigeon control. They got some quotes from some other Florida Pigeon Control companies, but none could offer a solution in the store's budget range. Thus, they have to continue to deal with the birds and their droppings.

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We are so used to the sight of pigeons around us that quite often we don't even pay any attention to them. Their presence can be observed in both urban areas and farmlands as they are accustomed to living near humans and are not scared of us. As much as we can ignore them on the streets or parks, once they decide to nest and roost near our homes, it is more of a wake-up call. Pigeon infestations are a real problem that can not only lead to building damage but also health risks for the inhabitants of the house.

Why it is important to remove pigeons from your property?
There are many problems associated with a pigeon infestation, for example corrosive damage to buildings and vegetation, disease transmission, and food contamination. Pigeons leave pounds of droppings each year that firstly – are not a pleasant sight, but what is more crucial, can be a serious health threat for people around the contaminated area. Moreover, bird feces can attract other pests such as mice, rats, and flies.

Ways to get rid of pigeons
Is it possible to remove pigeons on your own? Yes, definitely. However, you should prepare yourself for this task, as it is not always the easiest job. There are several humane methods available on the market that you can use to deal with unwanted bird guests.

Anti-Roosting Spike Strips
This is something you can buy in almost every garden store and install anywhere you want. The spikes will prevent pigeons and other birds from landing and roosting on your roof or windowsills.

Gel repellent
This is a perfect solution for renters who can't install a permanent solution in their homes. The gel repellent gives the surface a sticky, tacky, or slippery layer. Thanks to that, pigeons are not able to perch and will be forced to move to another location.

Eliminate food sources
Pigeons are coming near your house for two reasons – a safe nesting place and food source. If you have a garden, you need to make sure to eliminate any food sources, such as fallen berries, seeds, and even your pet food.

Wildlife Removal Service
If you don't want to deal with the problem on your own or if the infestation is getting out of control, the best solution is to call a local wildlife removal service. These people will do a professional humane job and make sure that your home is pigeon-free. Wildlife removal services always ensure that the problem is handled in an ethical manner. Dealing with a bird infestation can also pose health risks (especially when cleaning up bird droppings), so it is a good idea to call professionals that know how to handle such a problem in a safe way.

What can you expect from Wildlife Removal Services?
Professional wildlife removers will ensure that the birds leave your property by using methods such as bird netting, bird spikes, deterrent systems, or pin and wire systems. Moreover, they will ensure that prevention measurements are taken, so that the pigeons won't be tempted to come back.

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