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Raccoon Snare - Snaring an Animal

03.11.2007 - Raccoon sure manage to get themselves into all sorts of trouble!  This one somehow got itself lodged between a chain link fence and a wooden fence.  This was a really tight spot!  I don't know how it happened, but this raccoon was stuck fast.  We were called out to the scene.  The easiest way to remove wild animals from tight spots is usually with a snare pole - it's a pole with a plastic-coated metal cable that can tighten around the animal.  Many animal control officers use such a device.

We were called out, and the property owner wanted the raccoon removed as quickly as possible, before it draw the concern of onlookers or someone stuck their finger near it and got bitten.  We arrived in 20 minutes.  Ben snared the animal behind its front arms, and I pulled out the fence to give Ben enough room to lift the raccoon out.  The property owner didn't want to relocate the animal, so we let it go free, right there.  We charged the minimum fee, and the job was done lickety split.

How to snare a raccoon in the attic - Snaring a raccoon in the attic is no small feat, and one that should be thoroughly researched before attempting. Most states require raccoon snaring to be done by a professional or someone with a special license. This is not because the state wants to make your life difficult; this is because raccoons are a potentially dangerous critter that might spread some serious illnesses to you or your family members. If you’re determined to ignore the warnings of the law, you’re going to need to study the raccoon in your attic before attempting to catch it. Most raccoons in a house are female. If possible, removing the babies from the attic first will enable you to lure the mother raccoon into a cage trap without excessive tactics. It’s not always possible to sneak the babies out without the mother knowing. Some raccoon nests are hidden down in walls, and some mother raccoons refuse to leave if they feel threatened. In this situation, the mother will need to be snared with a pole and gently ushered into the cage. If removing the babies seems like too much of a challenge prior to catching the mother, take your cage trap and bolt it to the top of your roof near the entry hole the animal is using. Bait the trap with some marshmallows or bread. It might take some time and patience, but the raccoon will eventually be curious enough to enter. If she won't, however, you'll have to break out the snare pole and catch the animal that way.

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