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Fight! Raccoon vs. Opossum

Raccoon Fighting Opossum

03.17.2007 - Ladies and gentlemen! In the blue corner, weighing in at 11 pounds, making his debut fight, please welcome our challenger, Pete "I Don't Play Dead" Possum! And in the gold corner, weighing in at 14 pounds, our current champion, give it up for Ricky "Rocky" Raccoon! Touch paws gentlemen, I want a good, clean fight! There's the opening bell, I expect they'll just look at each other as always AND HOLY CRAP THEY'RE ABOUT TO TEAR EACH OTHERS THROAT OUT STOP THE FIGHT STOP THE FIGHT, in goes the metal divider, and it's all over.

Wow! I was not expecting that. Above is one of my very best photos that I've taken during my time as a wildlife control operator. I didn't mean for it to happen, and I'd never pit wild animals against each other for sport, particularly after growing up watching my sisters share a bedroom. Seriously. I'm kind to animals. But in the above case, I ran out of traps to use before I could travel to my wildlife relocation point. In such cases, I carefully transfer one animal to a cage with another. They always get along fine. I've never seen a fight. They usually just sit there. They are far more concerned for their own safety than to worry about another animal. I've put raccoons with raccoons, opossums with possums, squirrels with armadillos, alligators with mice (kidding), and I've never seen so much as a tooth bared, let alone a real scuffle, but these two were out for blood!

I think it was the possum's doing. They are usually very docile animals. I pick them up all the time (from the non-pointy end) and they are usually chill. If anything, when they feel threatened, they either gape their mouths all slack-jawed yokel like, or faint out of fear (play possum). But not old Pete here! He lunged for all he was worth! I have a camera with me at all times, and the instant I saw menace (immediately), I grabbed the camera and took the above photo. I'm glad I didn't get the photo of what happened .02 seconds after this flash, because it wasn't pretty.

Suffice to say, I immediately called the fight and threw a metal divider between the animals, and ushered the angry challenger back into his own cage, and left the job one free cage of what I wanted. Animal safety first - if I didn't want to protect them, I wouldn't bother to trap them in humane cage traps and relocate them to safe and suitable environments. I guess the fight ended a draw, or undecided, but I really was amazed to see an opossum not only hold his own like that, but go for it! In fact, if I had to pick a winner, I'd go with the possum. No no, I forgot what me mum told me, neither is the winner, everyone loses in a fight.

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