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05.06.2007 - I am usually quite pleased with myself when I am able to find and remove a litter of baby raccoons from a difficult area.  This type of work takes a lot of sleuthing and searching.  The customer had been hearing a lot of heavy scurrying and scratching noise in the cathedral ceiling in this room.  I saw a big hole in the roof, but there was no attic space for me to crawl in, because it was a cathedral ceiling (same slope as the roof, no real attic space).  Thus, I had to very carefully listen for any sign of baby raccoons.  It would have been easy to simply set a trap and catch the female raccoon, like most raccoon removal companies would have done, but that would have left the baby raccoons inside the home to starve and die and cause an odor problem.  I always work very hard to get the baby coons out of the attic.  In this case, I heard no noise, so I started to very carefully feel around the ceiling until I hit a warm spot.  I knew that the litter of baby raccoons must be there, so I cut a hole in the ceiling (upper left), stuck my head inside (upper right), saw the nest of baby raccoons (lower left), and removed them all (lower right).  I then fixed the hole and used the babies as live bait to catch the mom, fixed the hole in the roof, and the job was complete.

Below are a few emails that I've received recently regarding raccoon problems.  Most of these people got either a phone call or email from me to schedule services, or a standard email with a directory to a raccoon trapping company in their area.

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HI, I have a question about three raccons that visit our dumpster every night - these three little rascals are frequent visitors to our dumpster and always get manage to get stuck every morning- I always try to put something in there so they can get out (so the garbage buys don't ge them) well- today I looked in there and they are all huddled up -moving a little- but not trying to get out- usually they stick their heads up and recognize me and realize it's time to go home and scurry off. It was really cold last night and I figured they'd warm up and use the rug I put in there to help them get out- but they won't even look up or try to leave...are they ok? Should I try again or are they sick? I just hate to see these little guys get hurt/killed in the garbage trucks- also- there are stray cats in the area and I know sometimes they use dumpsters as a place to have their litters. I live in Tampa. Thanks- Patti~

I responded with: I will use my amazing raccoon psychic powers to determine if they are okay or sick. I'm just kidding of course, they are probably healthy, and it's possible that they just want a nice place to spend the day. If you are worried about them in your dumpster, any chance that you might, I don't know, close the lid?  You can get these ones out by placing a plank of wood into the dumpster so that they can climb out.
David - I live in South Charlotte NC and there are raccoons that have been coming to our backyard to eat cat food for out outdoor cats for some time now. One showed up injured very badly last night and I think it would be best if they were relocated. The house next door was vacant for a long time and someone recently purchased (we dont know them - no one lives there yet), but I suspect that it was injured by a trap because it was missing a front leg when I saw it last night. I am guessing that maybe the people that bought the house set traps either for rats or mice or maybe even the raccoons, I dont know because I havent been over there. I dont know how many there are, but I am going to guess maybe five? Can you tell me about your services and the pricing? My husband is very attached to the raccoons and we would like to make sure that they are humanely trapped and moved to a safer area. Thanks Lisa Lester
It seems we have a bit of a raccoon problem. It's a fairly young one, and he's been enjoying our cats' food for a while now. He comes in at night through the cat door. We have several options, including getting an electronic collar for the cats, calling animal control, getting a trap ourselves or rely on a professional. Collaring the cats might entice the raccon to come through the roof or something, animal control will kill it. Therefore I'm looking at either getting a trap myself, or calling the pro. Therefore I would like to understand your service and pricing. Could you please give me more info? E.g. how soon could you be here, what does your service cost, and do you confirm that you don't kill the animal? Thanks in advance for your consideration, Dirk

Dear sirs, Please provide associated costs for removal of adult raccoon from our property. We live near downtown Orlando (near intersection of Mills and Robinson). This raccoon is NOT living in our attic but is making regular use of our property during the evening hours. He/she is fairly large and is definitely not afraid of humans. I have walked within 15 feet of this critter while walking up my driveway and he/she did not move an inch. We regularly walk our dog in the evening and we are concerned that we may have an unwanted confrontation. Therefore we would like to have this animal humanely trapped and re-located. With warmest regards, Frederick

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Nature is a pretty unpredictable thing at the best of times and on occasion, the great outdoors can come into contact with your suburban lifestyle. This can be anything from overgrowth in your garden, a wasp's nest in your gutter, or more commonly, an animal problem that needs taken care of by a professional. You may be scratching your head wondering who can provide such a service but you needn't worry, as there are a series of local wildlife control companies in your area that are available to help.

What are wildlife control services?
These are companies that have been set up with the sole purpose of ridding business and residential properties of pests and wildlife. They usually have a number of specially trained, fully insured, and licensed staff who can carry out the task at hand and these individuals will come equipped with all the essential tools for the job. The main goal of these companies is to ensure your safety, prevent damage and further incidents and above all, make the whole situation as stress-free for you as possible

What can they deal with?
Wildlife control services are usually prepared for pretty much any challenge you throw their way. They deal with a variety of animals that can cause damage to your home and do so with a level of calmness, professionalism, and efficiency that is unrivaled. On some occasions, it will be possible to deal with pests by yourself but it's always safer to get in contact with licensed and insured professionals to get the job done. The only thing that most wildlife control companies can't aid you with is anything related to domestic animals or pets. If you have a problem with a stray cat, dog, or any other common household animal, we suggest that you call your local county animal control services as wildlife control services will not often be able to assist. Here is a quick list of animals that these companies commonly assist with:

  • Raccoons
  • Bats
  • Squirrels
  • Skunks
  • Mice
  • Groundhogs
  • Opossums
  • Muskrats
  • Beavers
  • Chipmunks
  • Birds
  • Snapping turtles
  • Feral cats
  • Snakes
  • What will it cost?
This can vary depending on how skilled the workforce of these companies are, if they are fully insured, and if they are fully licensed. If these companies are not insured, they may ask for a higher price to cover this. Or alternatively, if the workforce is highly skilled, they may charge a more premium rate. Plus, each case will have different requirements, allocation of resources, and time taken to complete the job. So in short, there is no one set answer and it would be best to contact the company to get a quote.

What other services do they provide?
Outside of the expected capture and removal of these animals on your property, wildlife control services often have a number of additional services that will help prevent further issues and deal with the aftermath of the present animal issue. The companies can offer services such as exclusion that will prevent any animals from entering the area that was the source of the problem in the first place, meaning they will locate and seal this area without detriment to your home lifestyle. They will also rid the property of any dead animals that have found themselves in hard to reach areas such as an attic or crawlspace. They will offer a property service that will help transform ideal habitats for pests into areas of no interest to the animals that have been plaguing you. These companies will also aim to fix any damage the animal has caused such as electrical issues or fire hazards. Then lastly, the companies will aim to eliminate any foul odors that have been left by the animals residing in your home.

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