Red Rat Snake

Red Rat Snake

04.13.2007 - The Red Rat Snake (Elaphe guttata guttata), is one of the most common snakes that I find and remove in the Orlando area. Like the Yellow Rat Snake, this snake is a constrictor that feeds primarily on rodents. And Orlando is chock-full of rodents! This snake will lie in wait for a rat to pass by, or it will sneak up on a sleeping rat, and in a swift motion strike at the animal and wrap the rat up in coils, and suffocate it, then swallow it whole. Not exactly my method, but nice rodent control nevertheless!

I think that the Red Rat Snake is very pretty, with its orange and red pattern and black-and-white checkerboard belly. Many people choose to keep Red Rat Snakes as pets due to their striking color pattern.  Many people assume that this snake is venomous because of the bright colors, but this snake is the most harmless snake in the state.

They can live up to 20 years. They breed in March, lay eggs in May, which hatch in August. The baby snakes have a different color, which is more off-white and maroon. The little snakes eat things like insects and small frogs before they move on to rodents as adults.  They can grow to above five feet in length, but I've never seen one above four feet.  They range throughout Florida, and much of central and SE United States.  I am pleased with the above photo that I took of this pretty snake, and I hope that if you see one you simply leave it alone, and realize that it's good to have around.

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The corn snake is one of the most common pet snakes in households around the country. Not only are corn snakes easy to care for and long-lived, they are considerably docile and hard to provoke. You can find a corn snake in just about any color imaginable, and scarlet corn snakes are no exception. The more uncommon the coloration, the more you should expect to pay for the snake. A scarlet corn snake is not exceptionally rare; few of the solid colors are. The most expensive corn snakes have patterns and rare color combinations. These snakes are referred to as ‘morphs’. If you’re looking to find a scarlet colored corn snake but aren’t sure where to go, contact one of your local reptile dealers. If they don’t have one in stock, the snake can often be ordered for you through the store. Keep in mind that special ordering a snake will cost you even more money, and the animals are not always transported in a humane way. If you’re really up for a challenge, you can attempt to breed a scarlet corn snake for yourself, though this will be a difficult task and not one easily accomplished without one parent of similar coloration.

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