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How to spell "Snake"

10.21.2003 - I caught this young Black Racer snake today. As you can see, the baby racers look nothing like the sleek black adults. They have maroon patterns and speckles. I had a squirrel in a trap, and just out of curiosity, I put the squirrel and this little snake together in a bucket. I figured that the little snake would pose no threat to the squirrel. I sure was correct! The squirrel instantly picked up the snake, bit it behind the head, and dropped it dead. It was amazing! I've never seen anything like it! Had I known that the squirrel would have killed the serpent, I'd have never put them together. At least now I know that squirrels can easily defend themselves against snakes! Anyway, I was left, unfortunately with a serpent carcass. So of course I decided to arrange the snake into various letter shapes, take photos, and spell out the word, "SNAKE". I also spelled other words and phrases, such as "GO IRISH" and, "I HAVE TOO MUCH TIME ON MY HANDS". I will not post these here. I suppose if you need serpent removal & control you could hire the services of a local squirrel, but since I don't believe in killing snakes, you can hire me instead, and I'll remove the serpent for you. I promise I won't put it together with any other animal, but if it does somehow die, you can request that I use it to spell out your name and create a framed glossy print for you to proudly hang on your wall - only $29.95.

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