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Snake Eating Squirrel

07.26.2006 - I caught this eleven foot Burmese Python yesterday. I was also called to remove a freshly killed squirrel today. I noticed that the snake was rather thin, with ribs showing and everything, so I figured, "why not?" and I threw the snake the squirrel. I've never kept snakes before as pets, nor do I know anything about feeding snakes. I left the room and went to do some computer work, and when I came back to check, it was swallowing the squirrel! I took this photo of the process. The snake had wrapped all around the animal, and was just slowly swallowing it. It was fascinating to watch, and somehow strangely satisfying, as if I could feel what it was like. The snake kept slowly writhing and repositioning itself and working at it, and slowly the squirrel went down. It was very interesting to see the jaw stretch, and the skin around the body stretch so much. Incredibly, this squirrel is considered much smaller than average prey, and a snake this size can swallow much larger food. That 13-foot python in the everglades tried to swallow a 6-foot alligator! That snake was stretched to the literal breaking point. It would have been amazing to see that swallowing job! But even this squirrel was most enrapturing, and I'm glad the snake got a meal.

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