How To Stop Squirrels from Chewing

03.08.2005 - Squirrels are members of the rodent family.  As such, they have long teeth that grow continually.  Just as a cat has to scratch its claws and people have to trim their fingernails, rodents have to gnaw to keep their teeth in check.  Gnawing is part of their behavior, and handy for all sorts of things, from opening nuts to yes, chewing their way into your house.  I commonly deal with situations in which squirrels chew their way into homes.  I have dozens of such photos (I always photograph animal damage to show my customers what needs fixing), but this is the first time I got a photo of a squirrel in action.  It is chewing on this specific spot in order to try to get into the soffit, where it hopes to nest.  I've already set a trap right at this area, and caught the squirrel.

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Below are a couple of emails that I've received about chewing squirrels.

@#%* squirrels. I live in the Columbus OH area, but am hoping you will be so kind as to answer a question for me. My problem is that these pesky squirrels eat all my tomatoes just as soon as they start to ripen...sometimes when totally green. My heart just breaks when I lose to squirrels what I have tried so hard to grow. The only summer I did not have problems was when some hawks built a nest high in the trees behind my home. I have tried all the things you mention that are just scams. I cannot afford to waste more money on these useless products. I saw that you indicated that REPEL (brand) for squirrels will deter them, but have not been able to locate it anywhere despite searching the internet. Do you have any suggestions as to where I might find it????? I am desperate! Thanks for your time, Karen

ANSWER: The product your are talking about is called Ropel, not Repel.  If you spray it on your tomatoes, that may stop the squirrels from eating them.  Of course, if you do use Ropel, I recommend that you very thoroughly wash any tomatoes before you eat them.
Hi Dave, My mom lives in orlando im her son gary and i live in tampa. I believe she has a squirrel or maybe even more than one in her roof attic not sure but they are chewing on her house in places. After reading your website and too see you were licensed and insured and that what you say you are it seemed too me too send you this email. My mom has had this squirrel in her attic for awhile now and doesnt have any intentions too leave. I'm not too sure where the squirrel is getting into but it may be behind the washer and hot water heater where there is 2 openings from the drywall where she had some pipes that leaked and were repaired but the drywall openings were not. In her garage there is a attic opening. There may be other openings also in roof overhang screen vents also. Please while you are there check all areas as per you website says. When you call her please tell her that gary her son email you. You may have too let the phone ring awhile till she gets too the phone. That way she wont be scared who you are. And please give her a written estimate with guarantee of what the charges will be. Please call her first and make a appointment with her before you come that way she will know when your coming. Also doe's she get a senior citizen's discount. Thanks dave for all your help, gary

ANSWER:  Gary, I am happy to help your mother and accommodate her needs as a senior citizen.  I will contact her right away and inspect the home at no charge and give her a written estimate to take care of her squirrel problem permanently, and I'll give you a call when I'm at her house to let you know exactly what her situation is. - David

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