Squirrel Nest in Attic

squirrel nest

02.08.2008 - Here are two separate photos of squirrel nests in the edges of attics.  Squirrels most commonly make their nest at the edge, often down in the eave, or soffit.  Squirrels are less likely to run all through the entire attic the way rats do.  They often just stick to the edges.

Female squirrels have two litters of baby squirrels per year.  The first litter is in late winter, often in January or February.  The second litter is in late summer, usually in August.  Mother squirrels seek out a high place in which to make a nest, safe from predators.  Baby squirrels are very vulnerable.  Sometimes they make nests in treetops.  However, I much more commonly see them make nests inside attics of homes and buildings.

In the top photo, we can see a mother squirrel coming down the attic rafters to tend to her nest of baby squirrels at the edge of the attic.  In the inset photo is a nest with baby squirrels at the edge of another attic.  Note that the sqirrel has chewed up the wood and carried in all sorts of nesting material, such as vegetation and shredded paper.

When removing squirrels from attics, its important to find and remove this nest of baby squirrels.  If the nest isn't found, and the mother is excluded, she will work like crazy to chew her way back in.  If she's simply relocated (or killed), the baby squirrels will have no care, and will starve and die.

Squirrels, Attic And Prevention: Not As Hard As It Seems - Squirrels are climbers which is why heading straight for the attic comes naturally for them. If you’re worried you have squirrels, attics the first place you should look. They normally provide a dry, warm haven which protects them from the elements. Much as squirrels look all cute and cuddly, they are pests that can cause great damage to our homes. They gnaw and chew on everything they see which can cause great damage to walls and other parts of the house, not to mention on pipes and electrical wires which can cause fires. They defecate anywhere they want to and create a lot of noise, especially at twilight.

If you currently have squirrels in your attic, start setting up traps to eliminate them as soon as possible. Find out where the squirrels get to your attic and seal it up with wire mesh material which they cannot bite through. Prevent squirrels from setting up in your attic by installing a one way screen trap that will only allow them to exit and not enter. Make sure your attic is cleaned up. Squirrels attic nest have a tendency to attract other squirrels which will end up with you repeating the entire cycle all over again.

Do it yourself: Visit my How To Get Rid of Squirrels page for tips and advice.
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Below is an email about a squirrel nest in an attic.  I've seen many problems with squirrel nests, from noise, to wire chewing, wood destruction, and many times the squirrels in the nest scratch and chew right through the ceiling!

I believe that we have squirrels that have made their nest in our soffets! We have a terrible odor...like bad fruit or something in a breezeway on the 2nd floor of our home that just shows up here and there. I am at my whit's end, and I don't know for sure, but it has to be squirrels hoarding nuts, fruits, etc....in our roof. Help!!1

ANSWER: The presence of squirrels won't necessarily cause a terrible odor. It's more likely that one of the animals, perhaps an adult, perhaps a baby, has died, and that's the cause of the bad smell.  However, I have seen cases of food hoarding in some squirrel nests, so that might be it.  I can come to your home and locate the source of the smell and remove it for you.  Just call me at 407.729.6946 - David

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