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Tokay Gecko In Florida

Tokay Gecko

07.11.2007 - We got a call about a very strange sound that came from the walls of a home every night. We get calls about animal noise all the time - that's usually the first symptom of animal infestation that people notice. However, most of the sounds are standard scurrying or scratching in the attic. Sometimes people hear running on the roof, and sometimes they hear the chattering of baby raccoons. However, in this case they heard a loud croaking/squawking sound and a tooting not unlike a kazoo. It was driving them crazy and keeping them awake all night. At a loss for what type of crazy critter it might be, we headed out at night in search of the noisy critter. Sure enough, from inside the walls came all sorts of crazy noises, like GEKK-GEKK-GEKK and TOH-AHH TOH-AHH! After squirming through the attic and looking down the walls, we removed the above seen beast. It is a Tokay Gecko. The Tokay Gecko is native to Southeast Asia, but they've made their way into the wilds of Florida, and now they live and breed here. The noise was the nighttime mating call of the male gecko. This particular gecko grows above a foot and lives over ten years. It looks kind of crazy. So we removed it, gots paid, the noises stopped, and now we have a fine new pet that keeps us awake at night.

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