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05.07.2004 - I don't often describe my job as a wildlife management specialist, but apparently that's what some people call it. I suppose wildlife management is synonymous with wildlife control, which is a term I use more frequently. I will talk about my wildlife management work in the state of Florida, but most of all, I want to talk about my awesome hair in this photo. It's like, all awesome and Prince Valliant and rocking.  I like the blonde highlights and the poofiness and everything that makes it the best wildlife management hair ever, of all time.  All 27-year-old men should have hair like this.  No wonder I'm so good at catching critters, with this awesome 'do on top of my head.  Okay, I shall now discuss each of these three animal captures, from top to bottom:

Opossum - I caught the opossum on the roof of a home.  In the late spring, possums often enter attics of homes.  They are excellent climbers, and have no problem getting up on the roof.  There, they find some easy opening into the attic.  Unlike raccoons, they will not often tear open a hole.  They are not nearly as strong as raccoons.  Opossums in the attic leave a big mess, so the customer was glad to have this critter trapped and removed.

Armadillo - I caught the dillo at a normal job, a house where the animal had dug a large burrow in a back corner of the house.  The customer was concerned that the soil removed would harm the foundation, and just didn't want the animal living there.  I set the trap at the hole and caught the animal.

Raccoon - The raccoon was caught at an apartment complex.  This apartment was dealing with raccoons tipping over trash cans and raiding dumpsters, often in daylight in front of the tenants.  The apartment was uncomfortable with the raccoon behavior, and feared that one of the raccoons might attack someone, so they requested trapping and removal.

These are just three examples of wildlife management jobs in Orlando Florida and Orange and Seminole Counties.  I have friends that also do wildlife management in other parts of the state, such as Tampa, Miami, Jacksonville, Sarasota, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, and other locations.

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