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Animal Trapping and Removal: Here at All City, we specialize in rodent control and wildlife removal, but we are also licensed pest control operators, handling insects such as honey bees, cockroaches, ants, termites, and other insects. We service the greater Los Angeles CA area. We remove rats from attics, as well as squirrels, raccoons, mice, bats, and other critters that invade homes. We are not a regular LA pest control company - we are wildlife specialists. With most wild animals, such as raccoons, we humanely trap and relocate the animals. With rats and mice, we do exterminate them, but we do it in the most humane manner possible, and without poison. Poison is ineffective, because it doesn't solve the root of the problem - we stop the rats in your attic at the source - their entry holes. We trap and remove all rats, and you are not left with rotting rat carcasses, which cause a big odor problem. For squirrels, we live trap the animals in cages, and same as with rats, we identify and seal shut all the entry points into your house. If you don't seal up the holes, new critters will come back in. They are often attracted to the scent of the previous wildlife, so we also offer attic cleanup and deodorizing services. We make sure that we solve the problem correctly the first time, and that the job is complete, and that you are wildlife-free for good! Call us at 213-233-9495.   

  We remove hives of stinging insects, such as honey bees, wasps, hornets, & yellow jackets.  We remove the whole hive and relocate colonies of honey bees, which are dwindling in number.  We make sure to seal the opening into the house, if you've had a hive of stinging insects inside the walls of the building.

We safely and permanently solve bee problems and have the proper equipment and licensing for stinging insect projects. As with our wildlife control work, we strive for the best in customer care, we listen to your problem over the phone and give you a fair price quote, and arrive on time and do professional work.  Many Los Angeles pest control companies don't do stinging insect and bee removal, but we specialize in it. For more information, visit our bee removal in Los Angeles website.
LA Exterminators: Not all extermination companies are alike. Most are very large companies that service many clients. Their only goal is to sign you up to a monthly or quarterly contract that never ends - they don't want to solve your problem! They just want to quickly visit as many LA properties per day as they can. Remember, we're more than just normal Los Angeles Exterminators or Los Angeles Trappers - we are a complete, full-service, licensed and insured wildlife control company, one that cares about the quality of our work, and has the knowledge and experience to get the job done right! Give us a call any time, and we can discuss your wildlife problem, and schedule an appointment.

California Bat and Bird Control - Bats and birds can cause big problems in homes and buildings. They often live in high numbers here in California, and produce a lot of droppings, which can be harmful to your health. We exclude the bats without killing a single one - it's important to conserve these valuable animals. As for birds, we install exclusion devices that keep them from roosting on your building. If you've got pigeons roosting on your LA building, we can make it pigeon-proof for good.

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  • Rancho Palos Verdes, Palos Verdes Estates, Rolling Hills, Rolling Hills Estates & San Pedro
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Read below about the Brown Widow spider problem in LA:

I live in Santa Monica. I was outside today to get one of my dog crates off of the front porch, and upon carrying it inside, I found two large brown widow spiders and about 10 considerably smaller ones, not to mention about 5 egg sacs. Now, I am deathly afraid of spiders and almost had a panic attack. The cage is still in my house, because I am afraid to touch it, and I'm fighting back tears as I type, that's how scared I am. I sprayed all the visible ones with an insect/spider killer I have, but despite my fears, I don't want to kill any more that might be in the area outside. Do you have any suggestions on how to get rid of them? I don't want them to accidentally bite me, my boyfriend, or any of our 6 pets.

Greetings, I found at least 30 brown widow egg pods today!!I then realized that I had an exploding spider population. I usually keep spiders around as bug eaters. However, These pods with their spikey surfaces intrigued me so I googled and found your page. My husband played great hunter today and did his best to eradicate but....I need to know te best first aid for us and our little dogs! My husband has recently been bitten by a spider but did not now that it was a brn widow at the time since he was in the car and not at home when it happened. It was a bad bite but has not resulted in necrosis, but scarring. We have sprayed after removal since little ( and big) spiders were running everywhere when we moved our porch furniture!! I am sensitive to chemicals but probably super sensitive to spiders I worry about my precious pups. What should we have on hand for first aid?