Removing bats or rodents from barrel tile roofs

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One area of your home that a lot of people don't spend a lot of time thinking about is their roof. They naturally assume that it will endure for at least 10 years without issues, especially when they are using something like barrel tile to create their home's covering.

While this is a fantastic material to keep your house safe from the elements, the fact remains that creatures such as bats or rodents will also find it to be a great place to build their own home. Because of the curvature of these tiles, it can be the ideal location for one of these critters to create their own residence there.

You may wonder why this would be a big deal. It's not like they would really harm the barrel tile, but the truth remains that there are issues that you should be concerned with. Animals such as these carry pathogens and diseases that can be dangerous to you, your family, and your pets, plus you have to worry about bats attacking your pets or children. This can be extremely dangerous and is a reason why you need to get rid of these animals as soon as possible. If you are wanting to learn how to remove bats are rodents from barrel tile roofs, then here are some suggestions for you.

Before taking any action at all, the most important thing can do is to protect yourself. This means that you should wear gloves, goggles, a surgical mask, boots, and cover all exposed areas of your skin, to ensure that you don't get a parasite or other pathogen on you while you are attempting to get rid of these animals.

You can then attach a one-way exclusion device at the entry point that the animal is using to gain access into the barrel tile. These can be purchased at many home improvement stores or hardware stores, and is quite effective at keeping the animal from being able to return.

How this works is quite simple. You place the funnel or cone over the top of the entryway that the animal is using, and then allow it to simply leave out through the device. This is built in such a way so that the animal is able to get out, but once the door closes behind it, the animal is not able to get back in. This ensures that you keep the animal out and it will eventually move on to another location.

Once you have successfully excluded the animal, look to get a sealant or other material that you can use to close any gap that the bat or rodents were using to get into your tile roof. This will stop them from returning in the future, and will also keep other members of their species from trying to get into your roof. You will have successfully defeated them, and didn't take any risk to yourself in the process. Now your home will be much safer.

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