How To Get Rid of Bats As Fast As Possible

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You can get rid of bats in three days at the fastest. This is with a live exclusion, which is the ONLY way to get rid of bats. Bats are an animal that can become a significant problem when they move into a domestic or commercial property, and while there are significant benefits to having bats in your area, they can be a problem in a building. While they are very small creatures, they tend to live in colonies of hundreds of bats, which can mean that the amount of droppings they produce can be one of the main problems. There are several different ways to deal with a bat colony in a building, but the fastest and most effective way to do this is to use exclusion materials that would allow the bats out but prevent them from getting back in.

Can You Trap Bats?
Trapping and removing animals is a method that has been used successfully when dealing with a variety of different animal species, but while it is technically possible it certainly isn't the recommended approach to dealing with bats. The reason for this is that bats use echolocation to understand the environment around them, and the bars in cage traps aren't picked up by this echolocation method. This means that bats caught in a cage will repeatedly fly into the bars as they try to escape, and will injure themselves doing this, which is why trapping isn't recommended as the best way to deal with bats.

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Exclusion Work To Get Rid Of Bats In The Attic
The best way to get rid of bats quickly is to allow them out, but not let them back into the property again, and the first step here is to examine the attic or loft space where they are located. Once you have identified the entrance points to the area, you should try to seal most of these holes, and then install exclusion netting over the remaining two or three access points. What this will do is to allow the bats to leave the property, but prevent them from getting back in, and as long as you have identified all of the access points used by the bats, you should get rid of the bats after a couple of days.

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Cleaning And Disinfecting The Area After Removing The Bats
Examine the area, and make sure that all of the bats have actually been excluded from the area. Once you are confident there are no more bats within the property, the first step is to deal with the droppings which will have accumulated beneath the roosting spots of the creatures. This is usually quite dry, so most of it should be easy to put into garbage bags, but you should also look to replace any insulation material that is heavily soiled. Once cleaned, it is worth using a disinfectant solution to fumigate the area, as this will help to ensure that any remaining spores or bacteria are killed, and ensure the area is safe and clean.

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Preventing Future Bat Infestations
The key action here is to make sure that all of the holes used by the bats are fully sealed and remain closed to prevent bats from finding another way into the property. This can be done by making sure that all of the roof tiles are in good condition and aren't loose, while vents can be covered with chicken wire to protect this potential route of entry into the property. The most important thing of all is to be proactive in maintaining your property, even the areas around the roof that are a little more difficult to get to, and dealing with any loose tiles and potential entry points promptly.

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