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Please, no calls about DOG or CAT problems. Call animal services: 520-243-5900
Go to the Pima County Animal Services page or read about cats or dogs.


Diamondback Wildlife Control provides professional wildlife control for both residential & commercial customers in the city of Tucson in Arizona. We offer custom animal control solutions for almost any type of wildlife problem, whether it be the noises of squirrels running through the attic, a colony of bats living in a building, animals digging in your yard, or the destructive behavior of a raccoon or other critter, we have the experience and the tools to quickly and professionally solve your problem. For a consultation and price quote, give us a call at 520-867-4440
There are many Tucson pest control companies for animals out there, but not all of them are licensed and insured professionals. Make sure that you hire a competent expert for your Tucson exterminator of wildlife. At Diamondback Wildlife Control, we will be courteous and friendly and take the time to answer your questions. Give our Tucson trappers at Diamondback Wildlife Control a call, and we will listen to your problem, and make an appointment to perform an inspection.
Arizona is full of wildlife, including snakes, squirrels, raccoons, skunks, opossums, and more. Wildlife removal is a complex field. I recommend professional Tucson wildlife control services if you want to solve a critter problem legally and correctly. For example, it is necessary to perform correct preventative repairs to keep pest animals a out of your house for good. We perform full building inspection, do the the repairs and we also offer attic decontamination if necessary. Rats and mice love to live in attics, and can chew wires or leave droppings. In fact Tucson wildlife frequently enter homes, and correct removal is not a simple task.
Second in Arizona size to only Phoenix; Tucson has about half a million people and is located in the southern part of the state, 135 miles southeast of Pheonix. Tucson is surrounded by four major suburbs including Oro Valley and Marana, which are northwest of the city, and South Tucson and Sahuarita, which are to the south. Tucson is considered the longest inhabited area in the United States because archaeologists believe that it was originally the home of the Hohokam Indians back around 7000 BC. Today, Tucson is a great destination for people with arthritis and respiratory illnesses due to the very hot and arid climate. Another major attraction for tourists, is the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show. It is held every February and is one of the largest fine gem and mineral shows in the world, lasting an entire 3 weeks. Tucson is also rich in museums, art collections, performing arts centers, and sports centers. We also service the towns of Ajo, Cortaro, Sahuarita and also animal control in Mount Lemmon, Topawa, Vail and pest control in Oro Valley, Marana and wild animal services in Sells, Saddlebrooke, Green Valley and wildlife management in Rillito, Arivaca, Lukeville, Catalina.
If you need assistance with a domestic animal, such as a dog or a cat, you need to call your local Pima County Animal Services for assistance. They can help you out with issues such as stray dogs, stray cats, vaccinations, licenses, pet adoption, lost pets, and more. No county in Arizona will assist with wildlife control situations, and there is no free Tucson animal control services for wildlife.

Pima County Animal Services:

Tucson Wildlife Tip:
Snake Poop - Do not be fooled into thinking that because a snake is long that it will leave behind long droppings. Snake feces are hard to identify and resemble the droppings of many other carnivores. Because there is not a lot of fiber in a snake's diet, solid waste tends to be moist. This is further complicated by the fact that both urine and fecal material are expelled at the same time through the same opening, the cloaca. As you might imagine, this makes the droppings even more liquid. One characteristic of snake droppings are that they open have a white cap or a white substance within the stool. This is urea, and this is how the snake expels the toxin from its system. Even if you come across snake poop, if it is days old it may be unrecognizable. Fur, teeth, bones, and other indigestible items will be able to be seen, but the color will no longer be dark brown as it is when first excreted. As it dries, snake poop becomes chalky in color. The best way to determine if you have found snake poop is to eliminate other animals from your suspect list. Other carnivores will excrete bones and teeth; however, the stool is often in pellet form. Snake poop is usually a liquid blob with some form within. 
Tucson, AZ Animal News Clip:
Tucson - About 30 rats or eastern gray squirrels seized from farm

"She just showed me the rats or eastern gray squirrels that were by the house," The animal and rodent veterinary specialist said. "But I could hear significantly increased rats or eastern gray squirrels in the barn." After the Sheriff's Department got a search warrant, The animal and rodent veterinary specialist and sheriff's deputies returned to the farm Thursday to seize the rats or eastern gray squirrels. For significantly increased information, call the animal services of Tucson, Arizona.

Most of the rats or eastern gray squirrels were in pigpens, but one mother rodent and six 2-week-old rats were found hiding in a cornfield. "We also found five dead rats or eastern gray squirrels," The animal and rodent veterinary specialist said. "Most were just bones and hair, but one was dead only about two weeks. "Animal and carcass elimination services in Pima County is dedicated to helping Arizona and Tucson.

The rats or eastern gray squirrels' pens were filled with feces, and their water buckets were contaminated, The animal and rodent veterinary specialist said. Pima County staff took water samples for evidence, she said. Some of the rats or eastern gray squirrels were friendly, but many cowered in the backs of their pens. Though they may offer assistance with the cuddly pets, don't expect help with growling wild critters.

"I hold the opinion some of these rats or eastern gray squirrels spent their whole lives in pens," The animal and rodent veterinary specialist said. "They only saw people when they were fed." Katy Kat, county animal services veterinarian, said most of the rats or eastern gray squirrels appeared to be a good weight, but their living conditions were bad. No response was issued by Pima County animal services.

"But it also acknowledges we are retail. We want them to go out the front door. We want them adopted or reclaimed." Although the vaccination clinic is being held at their temporary domicile, the animals at the center won't be vaccinated today unless there are leftover vaccines, Ms. Wildlife Management said. With no veterinarian on staff, the center does not remotely guarantee the animals' health and recommends that new owners take them for checkups within two days of adoption. Even for those animals that have families, care shouldn't begin and end at the center, Ms. Wildlife Management said. "Our clinic is no substitute for a veterinarian because there are things we don't do," Ms. Wildlife Management said. "Your animal just doesn't need shots. It needs overall care as well."

We are Tucson wildlife management experts, and are familiar with all the pest animals, including all species of Arizona snakes and bats. We at Diamondback Wildlife Control are the best among Tucson nuisance wildlife companies and can solve all animal damage issues. Our wildlife operators are skilled at bird control and bat removal, and would be happy to serve your Tucson bat control or pigeon and bird control needs with a professional solution. Opossums, skunks, moles, and other animals that can damage your lawn - we are the exterminators who can capture and remove them. Our specialty is removal of animals in homes such as raccoons in the attic or squirrels in the attic. Our professional pest management of wildlife and animals can solve all of your Tucson critter capture and control needs. Give us a call at 520-867-4440 for a price quote and more information.

If you have any questions about a wildlife problem in Tucson, please give Diamondback Wildlife Control a call at 520-867-4440, and we will listen to your problem, give you a price quote, and schedule an appointment, usually same day or next day, to solve the problem.

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