Types of different diseases do coyotes may carry and the symptoms of a sick coyote

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Coyotes are well-known to spread a number of diseases, and one of the biggest concerns for many landowners, especially those with livestock or pets/other animals, is rabies. This very nasty viral infection is usually passed along with bites and scratches, the saliva of the infected animal carrying the virus into the blood stream once the skin has been broken. That’s not the only way that the disease can be passed on, however. Infected animals can remain infected for some time after they have died. If a coyote was to eat the rabies-infected carcass of another animal, such as a raccoon, it could then be infected with rabies also.

The earliest rabies symptoms are often very similar to the flu or a common cold in humans, and we imagine the same could be said for wild animals that are infected with it. Of course, we humans would not be able to tell just by looking at an animal whether or not it is infected with the rabies virus, or any other type of animal-borne disease. How could you tell whether or not a coyote was seemingly suffering from the flu?

Rabies is not the only concern when it comes to coyotes, although it is usually the most feared. Other diseases, such as mange, canine hepatitis, canine distemper, and Tularemia are all coyote-transmitted diseases, and that’s before we look at parasites and other bugs. These can often include ticks, fleas, mites, and even worms.

Coyote diseases can be passed on in a number of ways. Bacteria and viruses can still be present on the animal’s body long after it has passed on, and the disease spores can also be found in urine and feces. This isn’t a coyote-specific feature. This is the case across the board when it comes to wild animals. The diseases they carry are plentiful and usually rather dangerous.

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