Here's a nice group of freetail bats.

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Bats in the Attic is a Common Problem - No one wants to have a rodent trapped inside their home. Many homeowners take great precautions to make sure that rats and other mice do not become permanent guests in their home. However, not many people think about the other creatures that can live inside your home. Snakes and bats can easily make their way into your home and try to take up long term residency.

Bats are able to enter into the home through small openings. Bats are able to enter your home through an opening as small as 3/8 of an inch. This makes them feel protected from predators. One or two bats may not be difficult to remove. However, a colony may be more challenging and difficult. Usually, when there is a colony of bats you should hire a professional service that will humanely remove the bats. You should never try to kill the bats as this is illegal.

The first thing that you should do is find out how the bats are getting in and out of your attic. Once you have determined their point of entry you should be able to install a device that will allow bats to fly out at dusk, but not fly back into the home. Once you are sure all of the bats are out of your attic, you will need to permanently seal up the holes.

Another way to attempt to get the bats to fly out is to alter the conditions of the attic. If the weather is too cold the bats will fly elsewhere. Once all of the bats are out of the attic, you will need to seal up the opening as they will migrate back into the attic. Bats are constantly searching for a safe place to live and reproduce such as caves and attics.

Bats are sometimes thought of as disgusting nasty animals that we do not want to have an encounter with, any encounter. However, as much as we do not want to have them anywhere around us, they do come into our space and take up residence. Bats come in various shapes and sizes and types. The picture shown here is of a Brazilian Freetail bat.

The Brazilian Freetail bat loves to hang out on the eaves of roofs and to get into attics and high out of the way places. Because of their love of higher private places, they will get into your home if there is a good entryway. They are also referred to as common household bats. These bats, of course, are from Brazil but come into the United States primarily into the state of Texas where they love to hang out in dark and damp caves. They are also in love with Mexico and Central America where it is very warm year round.

If your state of residence is Texas, you may have one or more of these bats hanging around your own home or have seen them in other places. Texas homeowners can have these bats year round. Most homeowners understandably do not want to have these bats anywhere around or in their homes. If you decide that you want to remove bats from your home, consider letting someone who is a professional take care of the problem for you. Our company can handle the removal process for you and do it without harming the bat, or causing harm to you, your family or your property.

Take some time and call us to schedule an appointment to have your home and property checked out. We do not kill the bats, but have a 100 percent removal success rate.

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Bats are great animals! Unfortunately, the do often choose to roost inside home and buildings, where they can create a big mess. It's a good idea to remove the bats from your belfry or attic, but it's also a great idea to avoid harming them! Any competent wildlife control expert should have the knowledge and expertise to safely and effectively remove an entire colony of bats from a house without harming or killing a single one. I know that I have a 100% success rate with bat removal jobs, and I believe the list of companies that I've compiled in my directory is of similar quality. If you want to learn more, please read my How To Get Rid of Bats page.

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