One this small poses no threat.

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In my job as a wildlife control operator, I usually deal with the same 8 types of animals: raccoons, squirrels, rats, opossums, armadillos, snakes, bats, and birds. However, from time to time I get a chance to handle an uncommon species. I really relish these jobs. The above photos are all of animals that I don't usually handle. If you want to learn more, please read my How To Get Rid of Alligators page.

A teeny tiny baby gator - With my gator stories, you might be wondering if I have prior experience of working with them. To be honest, I only know as much about gator handling as you would after watching Steve Irwin’s heroics with them on TV. But folks, no disrespect to Mr. Irwin’s departed soul (no one can deny his awesomeness), some things look better on TV than they are in real life and playing around with gators is one of them. Here in Florida, you need a special license from the Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission to become a gator removal expert and getting it is no piece of cake either. That is asking for too much of effort for something I am not interested in doing anyways.

However like I mentioned in my earlier blog, I still get mistaken for being the American version of Steve Irwin. Most people I meet, particularly from the Northern states, seem to believe that wildlife removal is all about dealing with crocs and gators. And I have seen disappointment written across their faces once I mention that my regular job is more about removing rats, squirrels, critters and opossums. Not much of an adventure for anyone, I guess.

Coming to how I encountered this little thing (or a giant lizard-like creature for some), I was just busy minding my own business one fine Florida morning when I heard an old lady screaming. Turned out she discovered this creepy crawly under her and was completely freaked out. Using my knowledge from the TV shows, I grabbed this baby and posed with it (C’mon I deserved it!). And then I just released it into a nearby pool of water and that’s it.

If any of you ever come across a situation like this, please don’t freak out. The gator will not hurt you unless it feels threatened by you. The best way is to contact the conservation commission through phone 1-866-FWC-GATOR.

AAAnimal Control is a privately owned wildlife removal and pest control business, located in Orlando Florida. I deal strictly with wild animals including ones that have died inside houses. I am not an extermination company, but a critter removal and control specialist. The above photos are some of the many that I've taken in the field over my years of work. Please email me if you have any questions about the above photographs, or any questions about wildlife problems or Florida wildlife removal issues.

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