One of my very first raccoons.

Customer Raccoon Email: Sir I'm sorry to bother you but I have noticed a raccoon walking thru my backyard the past couple of days in broad daylight. I've been reading your blog and the movement patterns and activities seem to be normal. In addition, he has what appears to be a blue item in his right ear. The racoon seems to go from fruit producing plant to plant and then back to one particular spot that I suspect is his home (right along my fence line). Anyway, where he has been wandering there are what seem to be big piles of feces. Most of them appear to be undigested berries. Oh and the racoon has seen me watching from inside the house and will stand up and look directly at me, is that normal? I guess my question(s) are: Should I leave him/her alone and wait for them to move out if there are babies involved? The nest is under some foliage really near where I mow, will it wait in the bushes and then pounce on me when I pass by? How do you correctly remove the latrines?

My Answer: A raccoon will not lie in wait to pounce on you. I would not touch the raccoon feces, and if you do, wear protective gloves and a filter mask, because raccoon poop can contain raccoon roundworm! If the animal is causing you problems and you want it removed and relocated, call the company listed on my directory in your city, and you'll get good service.

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The raccoon (Procyon lotor), is a common urban animal, and native to North America. Raccoons are easy to recognize, with a black mask and ringed tail, as seen in the above photo. Raccoons tend to weigh between 10-20 pounds as adults, and live an average of 5 years. They are mostly nocturnal, and are omnivores, and will often eat pet food or garbage. They have become very acclimated to living in cities and urban areas. They are very strong, excellent climbers, very intelligent, and they are very skilled with their hands, which causes them to commonly break into homes and attics, where they cause considerable damage, and they also destroy other property, and thus raccoons are considered pest animals by many people, which is why I remove them. If you want to learn more, please read my How To Get Rid of Raccoons page.

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