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A Florida raccoon in a humane trap. Two juveniles removed from the attic. I often have to crawl far to get them. One of my very first raccoons.

A raccoon in a Havahart trap. The mother is protective if its young. Raccoons prefer attics as safe habitat. It's a good spot for a mom to have young.

This one tore a hole in a roof duct. I lured it out with a marshmallow. These juveniles got stuck in a dumpster. I used a snare pole to remove them. Raccoons are very strong. This one tore a hole right in the side of the apartment. They often push open or remove a part of soffit in order to gain attic access.

Cut a hole in the wall and snared it. You can hold them by the neck scruff. Mom stashes them in the attic. Usually about four to a litter.

Even babies are good climbers. Adults can descend a tree headfirst. Females carry young in their mouth. A pooped little raccoon takes a break.

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