How To Kill Mice Humanely

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What is the best way to kill mice in the house? Well, the first thing I'll say is that you'll never permanently solve a mouse problem in a house until you correctly tackle the root cause - the fact that your house has holes in it that mice are using to get inside! Solve that problem, and shazam, the mice are gone for good, and you won't have to worry about killing them. Sealing a building properly takes experience, as does effective trapping of ALL the mice, so if you need to hire a pro and get PERMANENT mouse removal in your town,

Okay, the first and most important thing I'll say: NEVER EVER USE POISON TO KILL MICE. Here's why. First, poison will only kill about half the mice. The others won't touch it, won't find it, or won't eat enough to die. Second, the mice that do die will die in the house, in the attic and walls, and rot and STINK. Yes, a tiny mouse creates a huge odor problem. Third, poison is a temporary fix. New mice will just keep coming and coming. Poison is a total waste of time. Like I said, first you've got to seal the entry holes. But after that, the good news - trapping mice is really easy!

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Here's a school paper my niece wrote about mouse killing. She did a pretty good job!

Mouse Extermination
A mouse invading your house and especially your kitchen is never pleasant. Aside from the initial fright they give you, they spoil things, leave droppings everywhere and cause the area to smell horrible. They are greedy, too, always taking mouse bites out of your food and leaving messes for you to clean up after. Now you start seriously contemplating murder; how to exterminate those nasty mice. Calling a professional exterminator can be expensive; however, there is more than one way to succeed in do-it-yourself mouse extermination.

Clean the Mice Away
No, mice are not just attracted to filthy houses; they are attracted to easily accessible ways of getting food and water. The main reason mice might be invading your home is because they have found a food source that they can get to. You must ensure that there is absolutely nothing for the mouse to eat. In case you have garbage bins, ensure that they are tightly covered and a mouse cannot get access to the waste material. Water and shelter are other things that attract mice. Care must be taken that there is no shelter space for them or easy availability of water. Use of moth balls around every corner of room helps in keeping the mice outside. You can also spray peppermint if you do not want to use moth balls.

Using Traps
Next, try to find all the entry and exit points that they might use for coming in and leaving your house. Start using deterrents or mouse traps to either force them to change their path or catch them. Using a snap trap is another great way for mouse extermination. These are spring based machines that get a hold of the mouse whenever it comes in contact and kills it in a matter of seconds. Bait is used to lure the mouse into the trap and usually consists of bacon, fruits or peanut butter. Both kinds of traps for killing a mouse or catching it can be bought online or from a local home improvement store.

Natural Mouse Exterminator
Although it might sound cliché, cats are natural mouse exterminators. Mice to cats are like cheese to mice; irresistible. Cats love to hunt and catch mice and they are much quicker than you are and know all the sneaky little places mice like to hide. An added bonus is that you may be able to save some money on cat food while your cat has mice on the menu.

Mouse Poison
Poison specially meant to kill mice can also be used for mouse extermination. Just mix the desired amount in the bait and place it at the entry and exit points you researched earlier. However, a problem related to this method is that there are chances that after consuming the bait which has poison, the mouse will die at a place where you cannot reach easily and they can start to smell up the house. You will also need to be careful if you have any pets – other than the mice – as they can become poisoned as well.

Electronic Mice Repellents
Electronic mice repellents produce high frequency sounds that are alarming to mice and have them scurrying away to avoid the horrible noise. This sound cannot be heard by humans and has no side effect which makes it one of the preferred methods in homes where there are small children. Also, it does not kill mice which save you the nasty task of disposing of decomposing rat bodies. Strobe lights and black lightings can also be used to deter mice.

While making your house mouse free, you need to ensure that all mice come out of their hiding places. Bait is a great option to lure them out and then catch them.

Whenever you come across a mouse or its waste, be sure to put on some protective gloves before you attempt to clean up anything. Thoroughly wash your hands and disinfect the area as well.

If all else fails
In case you are not willing to go through the above processes, you can always call up a pest control service in your area. Then you can sit back, relax and watch the experts free your house from mice.

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How To Kill Mice: First, seal the holes leading into the house. Next, look all through the home and attic to see where the mice are living. Look for brown grease marks, chew marks, trails and little runways and tunnels in the insulation, and most of all, look for mouse droppings scattered around.

Now that you know where the mice run around, set snap traps there. The wooden snap traps are the best. Bait with any variety of baits - Slim Jims work great, chocolate, and I prefer peanut butter. Set the traps along edges of walls, with the trip pan facing the wall, so the mouse can trigger it from either direction.

I don't recommend glue boards. They are not as effective, and then you've got a live mouse stuck and suffering in glue - just dumb. There are better ways to kill mice, snap traps are really the best.