Home Remedies To Keep Away Mice And Get Rid Of Them

Mice are an animal that can be cute when they are kept as pets, but when they become neighbors living in the same property as you then they can be a real problem, so it is important to be able to deal with the presence of mice quickly. Mice can transmit a range of diseases, and in some cases you don't have to have direct contact with them, as they can contaminate food sources with their urine and feces. There are plenty of different substances and ingredients that are found around the home that are said to drive mice away, and there are plenty of stories about how the different repellent effects of these were discovered.

Recipes For Mouse Repellent Home Remedies

Some of the most common ingredients said to drive mice away are those with a strong smell, with peppermint oil, rotten onions and bay leaves all said to be natural repellents to mice because of the smell. There are other options too, with cloves and clove oil said to work in a very similar way in driving mice away from your home. Chill and spices are also said to have a repellent effect on mice, and one such recipe is to mix chopped jalapeno and habanero peppers with water and hot pepper flakes, which is then boiled to spread the spice through the water, which can then be sprayed in the areas where the mice are present.

Chemicals Said To Keep Away Mice

There are also plenty of chemicals around the home which are said to repel mice, and one of the main ones here is ammonia, which has a very strong smell and can be left in bowls where the mice are present. Mothballs are another common item found in the home which are said to repel mice, while one more unusual item said to drive mice away is aluminum foil. There are also plenty of other items that are claimed to be repellents found around the home too, with cat litter, baking soda and even the freshening dryer sheets all said to be a repellent that will help to get rid of mice.

Do These Repellents Work?

At first glance many people will think that there is a certain logic around using these kinds of remedies to get rid of mice, especially those that have a very strong smell, as most people wouldn't want to spend time in areas smelling strongly of ammonia for example. However, in reality the effect that these remedies will have on mice will largely be minimal, and there are a range of different options that will be more effective at getting rid of mice. Home remedies will have a minimal effect on the mice themselves, as the features attracting them to the area will have a stronger pull than the repellents push to drive them away.

Solving Your Mouse Problem

Dealing with a mouse problem is something for which you will need to be proactive, and trapping the animals are the best way to resolve your mouse problem. The traditional snap traps on wooden bases are still one of the best ways to deal with mice, but it is usually more important to get the location for the traps right, rather than the type of trap being the key factor. These traps can be baited with a range of foods, including soft cheese, peanut butter or marshmallows which can all be effective at attracting the mice into your trap. Once you are no longer catching mice, you can then start to look at the repairs and sealing the area to prevent the mice from returning to your property.

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Home Remedies To Keep Away Mice And Get Rid Of Them
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