How Much Damage Can Possums Cause In Your Attic or Under Your House?

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There are few larger pest animals that can affect homeowners across the United States that are larger than the opossum, and with this large size that is comparable to a large cat, it means that the opossum can cause a significant amount of damage. The type of damage they will cause will vary depending on whether or not they have found their way beneath the house or into the attic, and because they are such good climbers, both of these situations are possible. Dealing with an opossum infestation quickly is vital, as the damage that they can cause can mount up very quickly.

Torn And Soiled Insulation

If the opossum has discovered pads of insulation, it is not uncommon for them to view this as an ideal material for creating a comfortable nest, and they will tear and shred pieces of the insulation to help make their nest comfortable. When they are located in the attic, it is common to see insulation that has to be removed after it has been heavily soiled, as the opossum will tend to use one area as a latrine.

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Damage To Electrical Wires And Cables

This is another common type of damage when you are dealing with an opossum infestation, and although they are not rodents and do not have the constantly growing front teeth, they still tend to gnaw. Wires are particularly vulnerable as the protective plastic casing is not usually very tough, and can quickly be damaged by the sharp teeth, which can quite easily shear through the cables.

Entry Holes

If the opossum has found its way into the attic, then they will often have expanded on the entry holes that they have found to make them easier to fit through, and some opossums will create new holes so that they can have more than one entry point. It is vital these holes are repaired quickly, otherwise other opossums can quickly find their way into the area.

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Rooting Through Garbage

This is not necessarily particularly damaging, but rooting through garbage causes a significant mess, and if the opossum does find some fluids then it can cause stains around the area where it has been rooting. Dealing with garbage strewn across your yard is very unpleasant, and it is one of the main reasons that people will want to get rid of opossums as soon as possible. For more information, you may want to click on one of these guides that I wrote:
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