Opossum Photographs - Click For Larger Image

It's safe to hold them by the tail. The young cling to mama's back. Sometimes they cling to my shoulder. They can hang from their tails.

A nice photo from 2003 - click to see. Click for the full view of the roof catch. Here's a cute one! Here's an ugly one! The oppossum, or me?

This one wouldn't let go of the snare pole. I cut the wall and pulled this one out. Here's one climbing in an attic. Yes, opossums love to live inside attics.

Opossums climb trees and get on roofs. The mother can have up to 13 young. They are usually active only at night. Opossums have opposable thumbs.

A cute little opossum in a clean bathtub. It takes great pride in grooming itself. It wants to look its absolute best. These two did not get along very well.

Opossums have the most teeth of any mammal - a total of 50. The young cling to their mother's back when they're not in the pouch. This adventurous possum was under the hood of a Toyota Celica. The rare double catch - but I did not double my fees.

Let me out! LET ME OUT!! Opossums are threatened by plastic owls.

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