How to scare a possum away

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If you have a possum that is coming onto your property you want to take the proper action to scare this beast away. Possums are dangerous to you, primarily because of the diseases that they carry, and so taking the proper precautions to keep this animal way is quite necessary.

Your solution to this problem though is twofold. It really depends upon the scenario that you’re in.

First of all, if the possum appears to you at night then you can use some simple measures to keep this animal away. The reason that this is important is because possums do not come out during the day because of their poor eyesight.

If you see a possum on your land then the thing to do would be to try to scare it away. You have to keep in mind that a possum’s normal reaction to being scared is to play dead. This is how the whole idea of playing possum developed. Trying to simply scare it may not be a solution.

The best thing to do are to use measures that will not enable it to use its primary defense technique. One of the best of these is to simply spray it with your garden hose. With the sprayer attachment hooked onto the end of your hose, if you spray the possum forcefully enough it will simply run away. It will not like this kind of treatment, and will find that it is a better idea to just scurry away.

You can also use a very powerful light to deter it from continuing on its pathway toward your home. As mentioned, the possum has terrible eyesight, and so it will avoid light as much as possible because of the fact that it is at its most vulnerable during the daylight. Shining a bright light on it will cause it to move away from that light and away from your home.

That is the issue you face if you have a possum it comes out at night toward your home. If one is coming during the daytime, then you have a serious issue. When I possum comes out during the day it is because it is injured or sick. Neither one of those is a good situation for you. In these states the possum can be quite aggressive, and so your best measure is to simply stay away from it.

If you face a possum that is most likely injured or sick than what you need to do is call your local animal control right away. Understand that if there is an illness or injury that is causing it to bypass its normal instincts to avoid the daylight, then simply spraying it with water or throwing something at it may only make it more aggravated. If you call your local animal control they will be likely to send somebody out to remove the animal, out of fear that it poses a serious health risk to those in the community. For more information, you may want to click on one of these guides that I wrote:
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