What Are Some Symptoms Of A Sick Opossum?

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One of the biggest concerns that most people will have when they encounter a wild animal is whether or not it will be likely to attack them or to transmit a disease, and the best advice is always to steer clear of any wild animals where possible. However, in some cases there may be no option but to come into contact with the animal or you may come into contact with it by accident, so here are a few symptoms that may give you an indication if the opossum you have encountered is actually ill.


Opossums are naturally cautious animals and will rarely show any signs of aggression unless they are scared or have no other option, so an opossum that is showing aggression instead of using an escape route should be one you are cautious of. While rabies is one disease that can cause opossums to become aggressive, this shouldn't be taken for granted as there are several diseases that can cause this reaction in an opossum.

Fluids Excreted From Eyes And Nose

With the white fur that is seen around the face of the opossum, it will often be possible to spot the stains on the animal's fur if they are seeing excretions from the eyes and nose. There are several different diseases that have flu-like symptoms that may be causing this, but seeing these signs should also cause you to be cautious in dealing with the animal.

Foaming At The Mouth

The most famous of the symptoms of rabies that is widely known around the world, foaming at the mouth has long been a sign that would cause people to be cautious about coming into contact with any animal. If you do come across an opossum that is showing signs of foaming at the mouth, you should immediately contact your animal health department who should be able to come and deal with the animal.

Daytime Activity

While some pregnant or nursing opossums may be active during the day, seeing an opossum during the day can be a sign that the animal is sick. There are several conditions that may cause this type of reaction. Opossums are naturally nocturnal, so it is very unusual for them to be active when it is light, as this gives them less cover and means that they are much more likely to be trapped or attacked by predators. For more information, you may want to click on one of these guides that I wrote:
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