Where Do Opossums Actually Live?

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As a species, opossums have adapted amazingly well to the way that humans have taken over a large part of North America over the last few centuries, and their ability to adapt to live alongside people has helped the species to thrive. Their diverse diet means they can scavenge a wide range of different foods from people, and this will often lead to a diet that is very different to that which rural opossums will eat. However, when it comes to their nesting sites, opossums can use a variety of locations, while the population of opossums in the region has seen a shift that shares some similarities with the way that people have spread in the region.

Nesting In Rural Areas

In their natural wild habitat, opossums would often be found in the trees, as they are talented climbers and are often depicted using their tail as an additional stabilizer as they climb. The nests in the trees will often be made with a structure held together with twigs and pieces of wood, which is then fleshed out using leaves and other foliage such as leaves, moss, and anything else they can get hold of. While opossums may use caves and cavities beneath trees as nests on occasion, they are animals that usually feel safer above ground level.

The Large Urban Opossum Population

When it comes to comparing the urban and rural populations of opossums, it is difficult to get an exact figure because the population is so large, and the animals are adaptable enough to change their habitats in some cases. However, it is widely believed that the population living around cities, towns and villages is larger than that living in rural areas, with the abundant food sources and the smaller number of predators believed to be among the reasons for this population boom.

Possible Nesting Spots In Urban Areas

Domestic properties and commercial properties may be used by opossums as possible nesting sites, and one of the most common places will actually be in the attic or roof cavity of a domestic property. Other spaces such as cavities beneath sheds and porches can also be exploited by the opossums. They will usually prefer nests that are dark and warm, and having good access to a food source will also be among the factors that will cause an opossum to move into a particular nesting spot.
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