Do raccoons come out in the rain?

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Raccoons, much like other wild animals, don’t really like the rain, but they can be tempted to go out and dance in it from time to time. Okay, perhaps danced n the rain is probably too strong a term, but they certainly do go out in it from time to time. If you see a raccoon wandering around in the rain, don’t be too alarmed. This is not a sign that the animal is rabies-infested.

Most animals seek shelter from the rain, and when it comes down they usually head to their den to wait for it to pass. However, with rain comes a few other things - insects and grubs in your lawn, for example. When there is a promise of a tasty meal, the raccoon won’t think twice about getting a little wet to munch out. Well-watered lawns offer various worms and grubs in plentiful amounts. when you’re a scavenger, as the raccoon is, you never know when your next meal is going to come so you need to take these little opportunities as they are presented. That’s why raccoons are called opportunistic feeders.

When it is raining outside, your dog or cat is not likely to be outside. That means your garden is free an easy for the raccoon to have a good old wander around. If you have a bird feeder, it’ll head right to it, and if you’ve left pet food out, it’ll eat that too.

Raccoons do come out in the rain occasionally although, like most of us, they would probably prefer not to. If there’s food for the taking, however, the raccoon will need to take it. Otherwise another wild animal will.

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