Do raccoons live alone or travel in packs?

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It depends whether or not you're talking about a male raccoon or a female raccoon when it comes to answering this question. Male raccoons are quite grumpy and solitary animals. They aren't involved with the rearing of young like the mother is. They just do their business and scamper off, quite like a few other wild animals.

Female raccoons, on the other hand, are much more sociable creatures. You will regularly find a group of female raccoons together, especially during the time when their young are born. Both the males and females have been known to group together when bad weather hits and the need requires it, but when the family-rearing season is over, many of them just go about their time alone, returning back to the den site only when the bad weather hits again, or it's time for baby-season again.

In some areas, the youngsters will stay with their mother for some time. Northern areas, for example, will see the young cared for, for about a year or so. This is longer than is seen with other raccoons in other, warmer and more-southern regions. In some cases, the northern-dwelling raccoons will stay with their mothers until she is ready to breed once again, the following year.

Although they will occasionally club together for what could be considered to be special family occasions, it is rare that males of the species will spend much time together. If you see one raccoon on your property, there is a very high chance that you have a female raccoon on your hands and, if it is, there is an even higher chance that you have babies in a nest somewhere. If the raccoon is spotted on YOUR property, there is a high chance that the nest will be found on YOUR property too. This means the raccoons' young are going to be there.

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