Are rats really smart?

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Rats are intelligent for a whole host of reasons, but one of the best, is because they learn. They are both curious and cautious in nature, and will often try a little bit of food to test the waters, before they delve right in and stuff their faces. You will even find rats that have learned how traps work these days. One can only assume that some rats have seen more than their fair share of trap-related deaths among their social groups, and are desperately avoiding them like … the plague! (Pun intended!)

Sociable, lovable, generous and intelligent, rats have been shown to make very good pets. They are easily tamed (when PET rats are bought from reputable breeders), and will share their last morsel of food with another friend-rat. Rats have been shown to help each escape from tricky situations, and more. In fact, it seems that they have gotten the hang of working together quite well, even leaving urine marks with pheromones to communicate with each other, teaching other members of the group where they can find food, water, shelter, and other necessaries.

Rats have worked out that they can use humans to get around the world, and they have done, hopping onto ships and other human methods of transport to make their way to pastures new. They have also worked out that they work better together, not just keeping each other company, but also breeding as fast as they can to ensure the continuation of their species. The rat population has boomed over recent years, and that’s because the human population has. They use us to succeed, and they're doing a rather good job at it. Who’s clever now?

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