Ammonia as Squirrel Deterrent - The Truth You Won't Find Online

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Speaking from experience, we know that many homeowners will want to do their research before deciding on a course of action against pest animal infestations. During the course of that research, you may come across a few ideas that seem like bright ones, but really aren't. One of those ideas is using ammonia to try and repel squirrels.

Using ammonia to repel squirrels or other wild animals is far too dangerous to even consider, especially when you have children or other animals on the same property.

Ammonia is dangerous — the gas it gives off is what does the damage, and it is this gas that you are using to repel wild and pest animals. It might seem like harmless enough, but that gas can actually cause irritation to the eyes and respiratory system, as well as causing long term and sometimes permanent damage. Blindness, respiratory failure, and even death can occur, particularly when ammonia is inhaled in high concentrations, and this can happen in people and animals alike. When you use ammonia — putting it down as soaked rags — you have absolutely zero control over what animals (or people) go near it.

We do not recommend using ammonia as a repellent for any wild animal, particularly squirrels. The outcome isn't likely to be a repelled squirrel, but rather a sick, injured, or dead one, and that often brings many more problems than the animal did when it was alive.

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