Stopping squirrels from chewing on your house or plants

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Squirrels are one of those kinds of rodents that just become a part of your home. No matter where you live it is quite common to see squirrels there, as they rummage around your yard, moving up trees, heading across power lines, and scurrying around looking for nuts and other that they can gather to store. They truly are an industrious kind of creature.

However, some find them to be a very serious nuisance to their house. Squirrels are rodents, which means that they will chew on things, and that may mean that your deck, house, or shed may become a casualty to their need to chew on things.

You may also find that the vegetation around your home is suffering because of these critters. Squirrels will chew on plants, especially within a garden area, because they are looking for food. If they find that your watermelons, carrots, or cantaloupe is available to them than you can be sure that they will be chewing on them.

The problem is that squirrels are difficult to try to contain. Because of their agility it is not difficult for them to get into your yard, even if you are trying to keep them out. This may make you wonder how you can stop squirrels from chewing on your house or plants?

This is a very challenging kind of question. Because of the fact that squirrels can maneuver so perfectly across wiring or tree branches, keeping them out of your yard is not going to be an easy thing to do it all. Once they have gain access into your yard you will not be long before they are looking for things to chew on or eat, which put your house and plants at jeopardy.

Your best way to try this is by making your yard and home somehow unappealing to them. Using such things as fences and repellents are almost completely useless. A squirrel can dig under or move across a fence, removing it has any kind of important barrier that you can use. Commercial repellents become useless as well, as they rarely work as the person intends.

So, what can you do here? Really, one of the best things that you can do for yourself is to get a sprinkler scarecrow or other device that is similar to this. If you have never seen this before, it is a product that you can purchase that is shaped like a scarecrow, but has motion sensor attached to it and a garden hose that is run into it.

When a squirrel comes across your yard, it activates the motion sensor which then activates the sprinkler inside the scarecrow or whichever device you have purchased. When this happens, the water sprays at the squirrel, startling it and making it run away. Place a few of these in your yard and you will quickly see the squirrels running away as quickly as possible once they are scared off by your device.

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