Fast methods for getting rid of squirrels

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There are many different types of pest animals that can cause problems in domestic properties in the United States, and one of the troublesome species is the fluffy squirrel. These agile little creatures are naturally found in the trees in the wild, but with increasing urbanization in the country more of their habitat is changing into towns, and this means more people are encountering squirrels in urban areas. They can cause several different types of problems both in terms of the damage that they can cause and the nuisance of having them present.

Identifying Entry And Exit Points

The first step to getting rid of squirrels from a property is to thoroughly examine the area where they are causing issues, and in most cases this will be in the attic or roof space of the property. Carry out a search of the area, and find all of the holes that the squirrels are using to get in and out of the attic, and it is worth examining both the interior and the exterior to complete this work, to try and find all the access points. This will then allow you to carry out the work to either trap and remove the squirrels, or simply to exclude the squirrels from your property.

Installing Repeater Traps Around The Roof-line

The option of using repeater traps is one way to catch and remove the squirrels, and the basic technique is to seal several of the holes, and then to install a trap over one or two of the holes the squirrels are using to get in and out. These will need to be checked regularly, and once you have started catching the squirrels, you can look to release them a good distance away from the property where they are causing a nuisance. You can also use a one-way funnel or exclusion netting, which will prevent the squirrels from getting back in, but this doesn't remove the animals from the area around your property.

Checking The Property Is Free Of Squirrels

Once you have your measures in place, you will need to be checking your traps regularly, and even if you are using exclusion measures you will need to check to see if these are working by looking for signs of squirrel activity. In some cases it is possible that you may not see the squirrel activity reducing, then in this case you will need to see if you can identify another access point. In most cases, if you have carried out your survey and found all of the access points, then dealing with squirrels should actually be quite a quick process, and should only take a few days to complete. Before you seal the remaining holes, make sure you carry out a search of the attic, in case there is a nest of baby squirrels present.

Preventing Future Infestations

Once you are confident that all of the squirrels have been removed from the attic, you will need to carry out repairs, and seal the area to prevent squirrels from being able to get in to the area in the future. Materials such as chicken wire and metal flashing can be useful in sealing the holes that squirrels can use to get in, but it is important that the materials are durable and will be a permanent barrier around the roof line of your property. The other steps that you can take to prevent future infestations are in terms of maintenance, as keeping this area of your property well maintained will usually be able to stop squirrels from getting in to the property in future.
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