Do mice kill squirrels, other rats, or birds?

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Squirrels eat a wide and varied diet, but they mostly eat non-meat foods. This means they are omnivorous, just like us humans, but they would prefer to stay a herbivore where possible. Main food items will include mushrooms, corn, seeds, roots, nuts, fruits and vegetables, flowers, and more. Have you ever seen a squirrel hanging from a bird feeder? They’re after the nuts and seeds inside.

Generally, squirrels will opt for those foods as much as possible, particularly during the spring when food is much more easily accessible. During the winter, however, those foods aren’t so easily accessible. People don’t fill their bird feeders up quite as much as they did, and fewer plants grow that would usually provide the squirrel with all the foods they need. They need to find another source of food to eat, despite having a few stashes hidden away. Although they do remember where they keep most of their food, they do lose some of the piles they hoard, and on top of that, some of the hoarded foods are seeds. When these are buried beneath the soil surface they could form roots and start to grow a tree. Good news for trees, bad news for squirrels. That squirrel just lost his nuts …

It will be during the winter that squirrels will turn to their carnivore ways, choosing to eat small animals to keep themselves sustained. During this time, they will eat small birds and their eggs, small mammals, and even small / baby rats and mice too. They probably wouldn’t attempt to chase down and fight an adult rodent, but a small or baby one will be easy to defeat. Squirrels will also eat the carcasses left behind by other animals too.

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