Getting rid of squirrels without killing them

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How To Get Rid Of Squirrels Without Killing Them

In their natural habitats, seeing squirrels scampering up tree trunks and scavenging for nuts and fruits is actually a very pleasant sight, but in many cases when they come into urban or suburban areas these little animals can then become a real nuisance. They are amazingly talented climbers, so when they do become a problem they will usually be in areas of properties that are above ground level, and the most common squirrel problem will be to have them nesting or active in a loft or roof space. There are several different ways to get rid of the squirrels, and because of the techniques, it is actually easier to get rid of squirrels without killing them.

Trapping Or Exclusion?

Squirrels will be attracted to attics and loft spaces because they will view these areas as being a safe place to make a nest, while it is also usually dark and fairly warm, which also are attractive to squirrels in a nesting spot. The two methods of getting rid of squirrels will be trapping and exclusion, and both have their merits. Exclusion has the benefit of not requiring you to transport and deal with the live squirrels, while trapping has the benefit of allowing you to take the squirrels and relocate them well away from your property. In truth, the technique for both is actually quite similar in terms of the execution of the work.

Setting Up Repeater Traps To Remove Squirrels

The first step in successfully trapping squirrels is to thoroughly examine the loft or roof space both from the interior and exterior, to find all of the points that the squirrels are using to get in and out of the property. Once you are confident that you have located all of these points, you will then need to seal the majority of these, and only leave one or two of the holes still open. After you have done this, install a repeater trap over the remaining holes, and use a wire mesh to make sure that the squirrels trying to leave the property can only get into the trap itself.

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Excluding Squirrels From A Property

The first step of exclusion work is almost exactly the same as the process of trapping the squirrel safely, as you will need to examine the attic or loft space to find all of the points the squirrels are using to get in and out. The next step is then to seal most of the holes the squirrels are using to get in and out, and then to install exclusion funnels over the remaining holes, which will allow the squirrels out, but prevent them from getting back in. Once you can no longer see any signs of squirrel activity in the attic, make sure you carry out a search of the attic or loft space, in case there is a nest with baby squirrels that will also need to be removed.

Repairs And Sealing The Attic To Prevent Future Infestations

Once you are sure that all of the squirrels have been removed from the property, you will then need to carry out any required professional repairs, and also seal the area to prevent other squirrels from getting in. When you are sealing the holes used by the squirrel make sure you use sturdy materials that will stand the test of time, as squirrels and other pest animals can exploit small holes that have been poorly repaired. You may need to check on the wires that are located in the roof space in case they have been gnawed by squirrels, and you may also need to remove and replace any insulation that has been heavily soiled by the little creatures.
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