Scaring squirrels away

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One day you notice that there is a squirrel that keeps coming around your home. You would really like it to go away, but it will simply not do so. Now you want to know how to scare a squirrel away when it simply won’t leave?

What you need to be aware of before taking any kind of action is that a squirrel is instinctively afraid of people. These are nervous creatures that avoid people, usually at all costs. The only exception to that is when a person has provided food on a regular basis to the squirrel and so it feels comfortable in approaching people because of the fact that it has been taken care of.

If you are facing a squirrel in this situation, just a sudden motion by you to try to scare it away should be all you need to do. These animals should want to stay away from you, so if you give them a reason to do so they will do that.

The problem is when you are facing a squirrel that continues to stay and is not deterred by any sudden movement by you. You may have even tried to throw a rock or other object at it but it continued toward you. Now what do you do?

The problem you are likely facing here is that this squirrel has either suffered some form of injury or is sick, which is causing it to act in an erratic way. You do not want to take a risk in dealing with a squirrel like this. You never know what this animal is capable of, which could include directly attacking you.

Now, you may be saying to yourself that it is no big deal if a squirrel came after you, but because these animals are quite prone to carry diseases and parasites with them, coming in contact and being bitten or scratched can be potentially dangerous to your health. This is why it is a good idea to stay as far away from this creature as possible.

While it may not be very manly to run away from a squirrel, if you face one of these rodents who is potentially hurt or sick, then this is the best course of action to take. Simply get yourself away from the animal!

If it is on your property and will not go away, then what you should do is to contact animal control to get a little assistance. If they, too, believe that the animal is sick then they will likely send somebody out to have the animal captured and disposed of. They understand the potential health risks to people and animals in the community, and are not willing to risk this. Therefore, they will likely send somebody to handle the problem for you.

Just keep in mind that you do not want to try to remove a squirrel that can be sick or injured. It is just too much of a risk to you to take. For more information, you may want to click on one of these guides that I wrote:
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