What kind of noises do squirrels make when they are in your home?

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Of all of the different kinds of wild animals that can gain access into your home, especially the walls and attic, the one that you will find that is quite common is the squirrel. Besides rats and mice, squirrels are the most common kind of wild animal that is able to get into a person's home.

The reasons behind this are quite simple. Because a squirrel is able to get onto your roof, climb across wires leading into your home, and maneuver freely along the ground, it has the greatest ability of being able to access into your home. This can mean that it can easily find a way and if you have some kind of crack, gap, whole, loose board, or other area that would provide the perfect entryway for this rodent.

Because of how small these animals are, you may find it difficult to know if one is inside your home. However, the truth is that a squirrel will still make a number of different kinds of noises that will tell you whether it has gain access into your house. If you are wanting to know what kind of noises and sounds squirrels make when they are living in your house, here are a few that you need to pay attention to.

The first of these is that you should hear them scurrying about. If you have ever watched a squirrel running in your yard, you notice that these critters run rather quickly and a hopping sort of motion. If they are in your attic or inside the wall area of your home, this kind of noise should be easily distinguishable to you and give them away right away.

You will also likely hear a lot of different kinds of scratching noises as they attempt to get out of the walls or further into your home by trying to dig their way through the ceiling of your attic area. This is one of the most common things that squirrels will do once they have gain access into a home, because they are looking to benefit from all of the other parts of your house that could provide them with food or shelter.

If there is one squirrel that has gotten into your home, it would not be surprising to find that there are more. While this is kind of disturbing, it also may be an advantage for you as well. Squirrels like to wrestle and chase after one another, and it should not be long before you hear this battle going on and know that there are a couple, if not more that are living in your house.

These are the primary noises that you need to listen for. Because squirrels are out at about the same time of day as yourself, you need to pay extra special attention during the day if you are concerned that one of these rodents has gain access into your house.

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