Do more squirrels live in urban areas, or wild areas?

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The term PEST can mean different things to different people. For one household, for example, a pest could be defined as a squirrel or mouse — animals that breed too fast, chew too much, spread too many diseases and leave too many droppings behind.

Another household might not define the same animals — a squirrel, for example — as a pest. The experience of spotting a squirrel in the back yard is seen as something to be cherished and remembered almost; maybe even something worth snapping on your iPhone?

If you live in an area where squirrel populations are high, there is a pretty good chance that you will be one of the homeowners who have experienced the fluffy-tailed squirrel as a pest. Chewing through external segments of your home to gain access to attics or wall cavities, leaving feces behind, spreading urine all around the place, and maybe even breeding with one another, tiny nests of baby squirrels dotted around the place … It's safe to say that dealing with a squirrel problem is never a pleasant experience.

Sadly, squirrel problems are on the increase and this is down to a combination of things. Busy homeowners don't have time to check their buildings as regularly as they would like, and this leads to unseen patches of damage that, in turn, never get repaired. Those patches of damage become holes, and those holes then become doorways … perhaps to a squirrel, maybe to a rat, or, worse than that, something a lot bigger, such as a raccoon. One usually attracts another; that's how the food chain works.

Lazy property management isn't the only thing that leads these wild, pest species right to our back door, however; humans are a messy species. Dumpsters, back yards, even kitchen countertops are all regular and steady sources of food, and it hasn't taken long for squirrels, alongside a string of other usually wild species, to realize this. They're getting closer and we're not doing enough to keep them at bay.

It is far more likely that you will spot squirrels in your back garden than you will out in the great outdoors. Your back yard has more food to start with, and it's also attached to an attic, which just so happens to provide the perfect nesting spot for a squirrel with some kids in tow.

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