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05.18.2005 - Here is a photo of four adult armadillos, all caught in one day. This is the peak of the armadillo trapping season. Well, there is no real season to speak of, since armadillos are active year-round and the population is relatively stable, but for some reason, I get more armadillos at this time of year. These dillos all came from different properties. It's rare to catch more than one armadillo at any given time on a single property. Over a course of days, yes, as different armadillos with overlapping territories cross the area, but in general, dillos are solitary creatures (except for mating time) and a single capture often solves the problem on a property. This photo of a stack of armadillos was taken prior to the nightly release run. If you need an armadillo trapper in Orlando FL, give me a call, or if you live elsewhere, check out my directory of hundreds of wildlife trappers nationwide, and you can find a professional armadillo trapper expert in your area, whether it be Houston Texas, or Tampa Florida.

What makes a good armadillo trapper? Experience, mostly, and a knowledge of the animal and its behavior. At one of the four above jobs, the homeowner tried for months to catch the armadillo, to no avail. Turns out he was using an acceptable type of trap, but set in the wrong place and in the wrong way. I came in and caught the armadillo in under 48 hours, by using a system of traps and directional barriers. Armadillo trapping isn't always easy.

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Where Can I Buy An Armadillo Trap - Buying an armadillo trap is something that many people will need to do when they start to see signs of armadillo activity in their yard or garden, so that they can look to solve the problem. The most common type of trap that people will use when they are trying to catch an armadillo is a cage trap, as this offers the cost effectiveness of being quite competitively priced, and is also very effective. These cage traps are often available from local garden centers and hardware stores, and the cage trap can be used to catch a number of different animals, with those used for raccoons and stray cats being perfectly sized to catch an armadillo.

For those who are looking for the most competitively priced traps around it is often possible to find the best deals available online, although it is worth considering the additional costs of postage and packaging. There are some manufacturers who will have tutorials and videos on their websites about how best to use their traps and are able to offer some great hints and tips to help those people who haven't had to try and catch an armadillo before.

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Florida is a host to one of the larger armadillo populations in the country, and they are spreading very quickly. Ever since their humble start in Texas in the early 1900s, armadillos have expanded their territory aggressively within the Sunshine State. With all of the armadillos running around and ruining yards, you may wonder how you can become an armadillo trapper in Florida. Continue reading for details on what you need for licensing, permits, and knowledge.


If you want to be a professional armadillo trapper or even a wildlife removal professional, the state of Florida makes it pretty easy for you. You do not need a license or a permit for most cases of nuisance trapping. That being said, it is important to check for each individual species before you begin trapping, just to make sure. All you need to be allowed to trap armadillos and other nuisance animals is written permission signed by the landowner whose property you are trapping on. Florida even gives wildlife removal professionals a list that they can add themselves to so that people can call you and ask you to remove problem animals for them. At the end of the day, make sure to check and see if you need a special permit, however, in most cases, you will be good to go with just a written permission letter.


While professional wildlife removal sounds like a way to make some quick money, you should not go rushing into it if you have never trapped before. Catching nuisance animals can be hard to do sometimes, especially if you have smart animals. Years of experience in the game gives you a leg up on these tricky animals and will make you more efficient and cost-effective for the property owner. Once you have trapped several different animals, you might feel confident enough to offer your services for a fee.

How to Catch Armadillos

One of the simplest ways to catch an armadillo is to find out where they have dug their burrow. Once you find the burrow, all you need to do is set a cage trap in front of the burrow. Then, use boards, sticks, or any other object to funnel the armadillo right into the cage trap. Once they go in, they step on the trigger that shuts the door, barring their escape. Using a cage trap is one of the most humane, cost-effective, and efficient ways to remove armadillos.


If you are just starting out as a wildlife removal professional, there are some important considerations for equipment that you will want to think about. One of the must-haves of nuisance trappers is a wide variety of different-size cage traps. Cage traps are humane, non-lethal to pets and children, and are very effective with most nuisance animals. In addition to cage traps, you will want protective gloves, bait and lure for different animals for the cage traps, and protective clothing so that you do not get a disease from these nuisance animals. Once you have this equipment, you will be well on your way to becoming a successful wildlife removal professional in the great state of Florida.

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